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We should feel elated when we receive a promotion. We should grin like the Cheshire Cat when we pass that exam we were crippled with worry over. We should jump for joy when we receive high praise for something we worked so hard for, but alas, that isn’t easy for some people, especially for those with imposter syndrome.

More and more people have stepped forward and shared that they suffer from imposter syndrome, but what exactly is it?


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Imposter syndrome makes people believe that their achievements are solely down to luck. They do not believe that they deserve to succeed.

The doubt can spiral into severe feelings of fear and guilt. Many people feel that they are a fraud or a phony.

People with imposter syndrome feel like they’re wearing a mask and live in fear that one day people will soon realise that they are not worthy of praise, success and simply got lucky.

Joe Langford and Pauline Rose Clance originally believed imposter syndrome was particularly pervasive among females, however, they later discovered this not to be true.

It is believed over 70 percent of the world’s population suffer from imposter syndrome at some point in their lives.

People can feel guilty or undeserving of their achievements. Famous author Maya Angelou even suffered from it, despite the fact that she was an award-winning writer.

“I have written 11 books but each time I think 'Uh-oh, they're going to find out now’. I've run a game on everybody, and they're going to find me out,” the Pulitzer Prize winner once said.

Imposter syndrome affects everyone and anyone, from iconic female poets to young students in Dublin.

Luckily, there are ways to manage it. The main thing to remember is not to let it suffocate you.

One thing that can help is to drown out negative thoughts. Obviously, this is easier said than done, but we often underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Another thing that can help soothe your worries is to take a walk down memory lane and look back at how far you’ve come in recent years. Think of the days when you were in secondary school fretting about passing your history test and now look at yourself as a graduate with a full-time job.


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Remember you’re not the only one struggling with these feelings of doubt. There are so many people going through the same thing so don’t be afraid to open up about it, whether that’s to a colleague, a friend or even a professional.

Leaning on a loved-one and sharing your struggles can help lift that heavy weight off your chest.


Our confidence can vary from time to time – one day we feel on top of the work and superconfident that we can achieve anything. 

Other times, situations can get a little overwhelming, and lead us to feel that we're not really very good any anything at all. 

A study, published in the Psychological Bulletin, looked at how self-esteem levels change in people over the course of their lives – and at what ages people reported feeling the best about themselves.

Using information from a whopping 160,000 individuals, the study found that people feel most confident and self assured at age 70. 

So if you're stressing about that quarter-life crisis, just remember it only gets better from here. 

The research found that increasing self-confidence only reaches a plateau during adolescence, then makes a strong leap in early adulthood, and continues to increase until age 70. 

From there it very gently decreases, but only very slightly, until age 90. 

The study found that this data was reflective across all categories of people of different genders, ethnicities and nationalities.

The self-esteem pattern of life remained much the same.

So, if you're feeling a bit down on yourself at the moment, the best is yet to come. 

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Sometimes you just have one of those days when you look in the mirror and think "Ew." And while that's okay every once in a while, it's important to realise that mirrors reflect much more than just how we look.

In this video, released by US girlband The Mrs, an interactive mirror was installed in a shopping center, and women were asked to rate what they thought of their own appearance. But with the help of family and friends, the ladies were shown just how little our looks really mean.

The project was part of a campaign which encourages women to look in the mirror and say, "I'm enough."

We challenge you to watch this without tearing up. Excuse us, we just have a little something in our eye…



Facial hair can be a huge embarrassment for ladies of all ages and it can really affect self confidence. However, before you resort to staying under your bed covers, you might want to try these handy tips.


This only works on annoying strays that are located under your chin or near the jaw line. Make sure you have good light and only pluck one at a time to avoid scarring.

Depilatory cream

Using a depilatory cream for your face is quick and efficient; however, always do a patch test and use sparingly.


This can last up to about four weeks so it is not surprising that it is the most popular form of hair removal.


This is handy for fine, excessive hair as it turns it a lighter colour. If you do go this route, make sure you use plenty of moisturiser as blenching can dry the skin out.