Oh no! Taylor’s Twitter hack leaked something HUGE!


Remember around two weeks ago when Taylor Swift’s Twitter account was hacked? Well, Lily Allen sure does because her personal phone number was leaked! 

The singer, whose phone number must have been in a Direct Message somewhere in Taylor’s Twitter inbox, has been inundated with horrific messages from the hacker.

Lily shared a screenshot on Instagram of a series of message she has received, including one absolutely appalling one in particular which threatened her with kidnap and rape. Lily captioned her photo: “Cool iMessage from some kid that got my number from hacking Taylor Swifts Twitter.”

The message itself is very graphic, but if you wish to view it, click here

Interestingly, the hacker claimed to still ‘own’ Taylor’s account and also seemed to be hinting they had more ‘dirt’ on Lily by writing: “Let’s talk things out, I’ll help you secure everything also I’ll walk you through the steps.” Yikes.

We really hope that Lily has taken these awful messages to the right authorities and isn’t letting them get to her too much.