Trouble for Taylor Swift as her Twitter DMs are leaked


She may be well assured that the hackers don’t have any nude photos to release – but we hope Taylor isn’t too worried about her private conversations!

Yesterday, the singer’s Twitter account was hacked and the hackers later threatened to release nude photos of Taylor, though she later tweeted: “PS any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’? Psssh you’d love that wouldn’t you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING.”

However, it seems that the hackers are hell-bent on getting at Taylor somehow, and have leaked screenshots of her private conversations from her Twitter account.

Those hoping for some serious revelations could be in for disappointment however, as Taylor’s DMs prove to be oh so very…Taylor!

The pop star can be seen planning to meet up with Nick Jonas in a very friendly way, asking him: ‘Are we bad kids now?’ while her fans will be delighted to hear that she is also good friends with YouTube star, Pew Die Pie and can be seen chatting with him on the social media channel.

Puns about whales and in general proving how nice we all already knew she was, we think these hackers better concentrate on someone worth their while. Or, you know, give up completely!