Kim Kardashian used TEA BAGS to do THIS to her red carpet dress


Hacks are a pretty common thing nowadays. 

There's beauty hacks, styling hacks, cleaning hacks, hair hacks… the list goes on and on.

But if you have like, a jazillion dollars in your bank account, like Kim Kardashian does, you wouldn't think she'd do this to her pricey designer dress.

The mother-of-two admitted on her app that she used tea bags to dye her dress so the mesh panel matched her skin tone better.

"We had just two hours before we left for Cannes, so we put Earl Grey tea bags in a sink and put the dress in for about 30 minutes to dye it,' she said.

But apparently, the ordeal didn't end there: "It took right up until the red carpet for it to dry. We had to blow-dry it right before I put it on and it was still a little damp — but it worked and it made the mesh a better match to my skin tone."

See, we're not the only ones that use hairdryers on our clothes seconds before we leave the house.