Beyoncé’s list of demands for her Dublin gig are OUTRAGEOUS


Queen Bey is going to be rocking out in Dublin tonight, but her list of demands has been doing the rounds on social media are they are C-R-A-Z-Y.

Croke Park will see the Formation tour take place tonight and Beyoncé's rider includes 25 international phone lines, Chardonnay, rose-scented candles, organic whole milk and a child-proof space for Blue Ivy.

There's also Twinkies, Pepsi, Champagne, hot wings, deli trays of turkey, sliced cheese, oatcakes, heavily seasoned roast chicken and an assortment of gourmet food.


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Oh, and if you're working with her, you better make sure you're wearing 100 percent cotton – that's on her rider too.

The joys of being famous, huh?