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We’ve long suspected that Kate Middleton is some kind of superhero and finally it seems we have found actual proof.

As well as looking impeccable all of the time and possessing the ability to sell out entire clothing lines at the drop of a hat, the Duchess of Cambridge has now revealed that she can actually fly.

The Internet has been left baffled by a recent photo in which the Royal beauty floats alongside David Cameron and brother-in-law Price Harry without either foot touching the ground.

Dressed in a collared lace dress for the Thiepval Memorial, the mother of two seems to hover angelically in the air as she looks off into the distance.

Saint Kate?  We think so.

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If you've got a brother, sister, BFF or boyfriend living in some far-flung land, then you'll want to read on.

The folks over at Tayto have put together the most Irish prize package of all time – the chance to fly your loved one home for March 17.

Yep, Tayto will provide return flights for one person from anywhere in the world back to Dublin for the St Patrick's Day celebrations. The lucky scamp will also receive two VIP tickets to the St Patrick's Day festival, to really allow them to celebrate in style.

And if you're not lucky enough to have your bestie flown home, you can still surprise them with a taste of all things Irish in honour of the big day, as Tayto will be sending a box of their famous crisps to 100 runners-up anywhere across the globe.

Rather than launch some random new flavour (Guinness and beef, anyone?) to kick off the competition, Tayto have instead rebranded their classic Cheese and Onion packaging into an uber-Irish version. Behold, Cáise agus Oiniúin:

To enter, all you need to do is purchase a bag of the tricolour-themed crisps and follow the instructions on the packet.


Fiona Delany, 35, who plays Maris in Mrs Brown’s Boys was not allowed to board her flight from Glasgow to Dublin.

The actress, and daughter of comedian Brendan O’Carroll, is currently 36 weeks pregnant and was told she was too far along in her pregnancy to board the flight.

She told the Irish Sun that she had a letter from her doctor which said she was “fit to fly for the month of September.”She said that it was not until she was at the foot of the steps leading to the plane that she was told she could not fly.

“I got as far as the tarmac before I was stopped at the steps of the plane. It was the captain in the end who ultimately called it”.

The mom of three was in Glasgow for the filming of a live episode of the Dublin based TV series.She explained that had even taken certain measures to ensure her travel was not disrupted:

“I even had my solicitor with me, who said I would sign a waiver relieving Stobart Air of any responsibility if I did have any problems while flying but they still refused.”

Via Shuttershock

She said the situation is “mad” in that she was allowed to fly from Dublin to Glasgow two days previously but they stopped her trying to board her return flight.

In order to get a return flight, between airfare and taxis Fiona had to pay an additional €873. Aer Lingus Regional have released a statement since the matter has been made public:

"Aer Lingus Regional does not permit passengers who are over 36 weeks pregnant to fly. This is in the best interest of the health and well-being of our passengers.

This policy is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions that all passengers must accept in advance of flying.”



We'd usually be pretty chuffed with ourselves if we ended up with an empty seat next to us on a busy London-Dublin flight.

However, in the case of one recent Ryanair flight from Gatwick, an empty seat was reportedly not the only thing one passenger had next to him.

Noel O'Hare, a marketing student, boarded flight FR113 on Sunday morning, bound for Dublin. On arrival, he says he was greeted with a pile of vomit on the floor in front of the seat next to him – supposedly from a passenger on a previous journey.

He claims to have asked staff for it to be cleaned up, but was told this wasn't possible.

Taking to Twitter before take-off to express his anger, the 24-year-old posted a picture of the alleged offending mess, writing: "@Ryanair boarded flight FR113, looking forward to next 1.5hrs looking at vomit, was told will NOT be cleaned #filth."

Afterwards, Mr O'Hare told Mail Online: "It made me feel uncomfortable to sit next to and my attention the entire flight was directed towards the vomit."

He also explained: "I asked a male cabin crew member what was the mess was, he replied it was vomit and someone got sick on the previous flight.

"I asked is it going to be cleaned and he replied no, it would not be cleaned until the aircraft had reached Dublin."

A statement from Ryanair said the issue arose due to a shortage of staff at Gatwick – something which meant there was no time to have the aircraft properly cleaned.

"We sincerely regret this incident which was caused by a shortage of cleaners at Gatwick Airport, which would have delayed the return flight by more than one hour," they wrote.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused."


If you’ve been a fan of millionaire heiress Paris Hilton since the good ole days The Simple Life, or even if you’re just addicted to her Instagram feed (no judgement here), then you know she likes her luxuries.

She really, really loves to travel in the most glamorous fashions. She generally hops aboard private jets to all manner of exotic locales. We’re talking luxury resorts in Dubai.

However, in her most recent jet-setting adventure, the reality TV star was set up for a terrifying prank. She hopped aboard a small plane for what she thought was going to be an aerial tour of Dubai.

She was wrong. Mid-flight the Hilton hotel heiress is tricked into thinking her plane is about to go crashing to the ground.

The clip, which is available on YouTube, although many have been removed, is from a show called “Ramez in Control”. It’s an Egyptian television show that regularly pulls pranks on unsuspecting members of the public.

The 34-year old Paris was petrified when after a few minutes in the air, an alarm started ringing followed, by a side door opening and a man being thrown from the plane.

There’s a lot of shouting and crying as the passengers are (naturally) horrified at being told they have to jump from the plane before it hits the ground.

Paris was not amused when the plane makes a safe landing on the runway. We feel like someone may be in a spot of trouble after this stunt.

Paris took to twitter to address the prank after the video was released online. You can watch her terrifying experience below. Whatever feelings you had about Paris before, we think everyone agrees this was a horrible prank to play. The worst.


Don’t you just hate that groggy feeling you always seem to have when you get off a plane?

Whether it’s a one hour flight for a Hen weekend or a journey half way around the world, you always end up looking crumpled and somehow a bit hungover, even if you haven’t had a drop to drink.

Here are some tip to avoiding that flight hangover.

Make it a no-booze zone
While the thought of a pre-holiday tipple is oh-so tempting, the old saying ‘one in the air, is worth 10 on the ground’ is not too wrong far. Alcohol will dehydrate you much quicker in the air, leaving you feeling headachy and sick when you land. Wait ‘till the hotel to enjoy a holiday cocktail!

Think pineapple
Pineapple has been proven to help ease tummy trouble when flying. It especially helps stomach woes because of an enzyme the fruit contains. The altitude does crazy things to your digestive system, so down lots of pineapple juice or tuck into chunks of the juicy fruit.

If you have the option to take a bag on board, leave some room for a small cooler filled with your favourite healthy snacks to avoid having to chomp those unhealthy (and very pricey) on-flight foods.

Water, water everywhere
All that recycled air in the plane will leave you feeling thirsty, your skin dried out and your arms and legs bloated. Keep sipping water during the flight to stay on top of your hydration.



It may be a means to an end, but airports can be the most annoying places on earth. Here’s our pick of the most irritating things about aiports. The things we have to deal with!

tumblr_mzzxurIb2D1ss7j0bo1_4001. The Check in
Queuing up to check in your suitcase you weighed five times before leaving the house only to find some woman is having a row with the steward up above. Furiously shoving her monstrous case into the tiny little measurement thing by Aer Lingus. “I swear ta God it’s five kilos. I’ll make it fit if it’s the last thing I do!” Sigh…

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.28.042. The brady bunch
The huge family with the cousins and the grandparents and the twenty hyper children who are no doubt going on their first holiday. They seem to follow you around everywhere, popping up in the cafes, the toilets, and oh, look, they’re getting the same flight. The mother is trying to drag the father from the bar, the kids are either missing or hanging off their auntie or mother (or sister) and the grandparents are munching on a choc ice. Their public domestics are actually quite an effective way to pass the time.

banner_home alone head count3. Security
It’s time to panic and you although your not into drugs, you can’t help but wonder if you’ve accidentally packed any…

4. Metal Detectors
Now it’s YOUR turn to walk through the metal detector. You’re sure you’ve nothing on you- you’ve checked your one pocket, you don’t wear a belt, you’re braces were removed in third year… So why is the metal detector going off?! You know you’re innocent, but you can’t help feeling like maybe you accidentally put a Samurai sword in your pocket or something.

5. The Stampedes
The announcement CLEARLY states that only families with SMALL children are allowed to start boarding the plane. WHAT’S THE RUSH ABOUT, PEOPLE? It’s not going to take off without you, and no one is going to steal your seat since you’ve paid to have it printed on your ticket! Sheesh..

6. The guy who holds everyone up
So you’ve arrived an hour early, got through security, your bag is checked in and now you’re sitting on the plane with all the other well organised passengers, except there’s one problem. “Could John Smith please make his way to Flight Number XYZ675. Final Call for John Smith…” GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER JOHN!! Seriously!!

funny-gifs-getting-angry7. The cheap skate
The middle aged man stuffing his MASSIVE carry on into the tiny overhead luggage compartment, whilst holding up the queue of people waiting to get on the plane behind. He’s loaded, really, but he wouldn’t DREAM of paying ACTUAL money to check his in bag. He got his flights for half nothing on a deal he won after he spent 100 coupons at Lidl.

8. Small children
You’re on a six hour flight to JFK, so you think you might be able to shift some of that jet lag by getting a little shut eye. You’ve barely even closed your eyes and a high pitched wailing sound like the screech of a kettle fills the plane. Or, if you’re REALLY unlucky, you’ll also have an eight year old martial arts kid violently kicking your chair from behind.

9. Waiting for your bag.
You’ve got your trolley, you’re waiting patiently for your little pink floral bag that has your whole life inside. Ehm, this is starting to get a tad worrying. Where’s my little pink suitcase?!

10. Actually getting your bag
So it turns out you were waiting at the wrong baggage claim.

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Being afraid of flying is very common so you are not alone. However, while most of your fears are in your head, it doesn’t make flying any easier.

To help keep you calm on your next flight, try these little tips to see if you feel any better:

Listen to the safety advice
Many people feel listening to the advice will make them think about crashing; however, knowing what to do in the rare case of an emergency will actually help to calm you down.

Bring plenty of entertainment
Pack a bag full of magazines, books, pens, music and crosswords and try to focus your attention on the in-flight movies. Keeping your mind occupied will help you not think about the fact that you are in the air.

Talk to the person beside you
If you are flying with friends, ask them to keep you distracted during take-off, turbulence and landing. If you are flying alone, engage the person next to you in conversation. Talk about anything other than the fact that you are on a plane.

Look out the window
Unless your fear is down to you not liking heights, look out the window. This will help you understand a lot of the motions of the plane e.g. if it is turning, going up or going down.

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