Feel sky high by flying the healthy way

Don’t you just hate that groggy feeling you always seem to have when you get off a plane?

Whether it’s a one hour flight for a Hen weekend or a journey half way around the world, you always end up looking crumpled and somehow a bit hungover, even if you haven’t had a drop to drink.

Here are some tip to avoiding that flight hangover.

Make it a no-booze zone
While the thought of a pre-holiday tipple is oh-so tempting, the old saying ‘one in the air, is worth 10 on the ground’ is not too wrong far. Alcohol will dehydrate you much quicker in the air, leaving you feeling headachy and sick when you land. Wait ‘till the hotel to enjoy a holiday cocktail!

Think pineapple
Pineapple has been proven to help ease tummy trouble when flying. It especially helps stomach woes because of an enzyme the fruit contains. The altitude does crazy things to your digestive system, so down lots of pineapple juice or tuck into chunks of the juicy fruit.

If you have the option to take a bag on board, leave some room for a small cooler filled with your favourite healthy snacks to avoid having to chomp those unhealthy (and very pricey) on-flight foods.

Water, water everywhere
All that recycled air in the plane will leave you feeling thirsty, your skin dried out and your arms and legs bloated. Keep sipping water during the flight to stay on top of your hydration.