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A distressed mother came into an Emergency Room in a New Zealand hospital, carrying her crying baby. 

Not only did doctors step up to the plate to help the mother, but they also helped in a very special way. 

The head of the Emergency Department took the baby, settled him, and let him sleep on him for a whole hour while attending to patients in a busy hospital. 

Just look at his little face! The accompanying post under the sweet picture read:

"The older of the two featured in this picture is Muir – one of our ED consultants. The little guy was here with his mum and badly needed a snooze.Sadly his mum was unwell and needed some tests.

"I believe several people tried but Muir was the only one able to settle him. So for about an hour the other day our consultant in charge (of the entire ED) was most definitely multi-tasking.

"Just an example of the small kindnesses that happen everyday that often go unnoticed." 

Our little hearts can't take it! 

Not only did Muir continue saving lives, but he saved our day too. 

Cuteness overload! 


Tyra Huntt started her final year in secondary school this week.

On her first day back after summer break, Tyra needed to get a photo taken for her student card. 

Rather than opting for the classic smile, this high school senior decided to get creative with her photo opportunity. 

Tyra PERFECTLY recreated her first day of Kindergarten picture, and the result is amazing. 

Donning the same green hoodie and weary-eyed expression, it's safe to say that Tyra has already nailed her final year of schooling. 

The teen shared the image on her Twitter, where it has received 108,000 likes and over 37,000 retweets. 

People have taken to social media to applaud Tyra on her amazing sense of humour, calling her "a real life comedian" and "an absolute hero". 

We salute you Tyra, good luck with your senior year!  



We’ve long suspected that Kate Middleton is some kind of superhero and finally it seems we have found actual proof.

As well as looking impeccable all of the time and possessing the ability to sell out entire clothing lines at the drop of a hat, the Duchess of Cambridge has now revealed that she can actually fly.

The Internet has been left baffled by a recent photo in which the Royal beauty floats alongside David Cameron and brother-in-law Price Harry without either foot touching the ground.

Dressed in a collared lace dress for the Thiepval Memorial, the mother of two seems to hover angelically in the air as she looks off into the distance.

Saint Kate?  We think so.

Centre image: Getty