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The internet is clearly on a mission to brighten up our gloomy January, because our most recent viral discovery has us weeping with joy. 

Tucked away in Merchant City, Glasgow, sits a beacon of joy, relaxation, and, most importantly, alcohol. 

The people behind concept Gin71 have created The Gin Spa, a place where gin tastings and massage therapy go hand in hand. 


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Whether you'd like to opt for a massage, facial or manicure, the experience is made all the sweeter by the additional glass of gin offered in the spa packages. 

What better way to show off your new manicure to Instagram than to upload a snap of your new claws clutching a gin goblet?

The spa works with clients to establish what kind of emotion they would like the treatments to invoke. 


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There's a choice of Happy, Active, Tranquil, Pure, Energised and Detoxed, and the treatments will be tailored to fit the aspirational emotion.

Flights to Glasgow are currently only €9.99 in the Ryanair sale, so a little excursion to Scotland is more than realistic. 

Mini-break, anyone?


Fiona Delany, 35, who plays Maris in Mrs Brown’s Boys was not allowed to board her flight from Glasgow to Dublin.

The actress, and daughter of comedian Brendan O’Carroll, is currently 36 weeks pregnant and was told she was too far along in her pregnancy to board the flight.

She told the Irish Sun that she had a letter from her doctor which said she was “fit to fly for the month of September.”She said that it was not until she was at the foot of the steps leading to the plane that she was told she could not fly.

“I got as far as the tarmac before I was stopped at the steps of the plane. It was the captain in the end who ultimately called it”.

The mom of three was in Glasgow for the filming of a live episode of the Dublin based TV series.She explained that had even taken certain measures to ensure her travel was not disrupted:

“I even had my solicitor with me, who said I would sign a waiver relieving Stobart Air of any responsibility if I did have any problems while flying but they still refused.”

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She said the situation is “mad” in that she was allowed to fly from Dublin to Glasgow two days previously but they stopped her trying to board her return flight.

In order to get a return flight, between airfare and taxis Fiona had to pay an additional €873. Aer Lingus Regional have released a statement since the matter has been made public:

"Aer Lingus Regional does not permit passengers who are over 36 weeks pregnant to fly. This is in the best interest of the health and well-being of our passengers.

This policy is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions that all passengers must accept in advance of flying.”



Alexander Pacteau has pleaded guilty to the murder of Irish student Karen Buckley in April this year.

Pacteau was charged with the murder of the 24-year-old north Cork woman a week after she disappeared from a Glasgow nightclub on April 12.

A massive search attempted to locate Karen after her worried friends reported her missing, but tragically her remains were discovered four days later on a farm on the outskirts of the city. 

Privately-educated Pacteau, 21, appeared in Glasgow High Court this morning. Ms Buckley's father John, mother Marian and brothers Brendan, Kieran and Damian are all also in court for the proceedings.

They are being supported by Mourneabbey, Co Cork parish priest, Fr Joe O’Keeffe, and a Garda liaison officer.

His guilty plea now means he faces a mandatory life sentence in prison.

Read out in court before the Honorable Justice Lady Rae, the indictment against him states: “You Alexander Pacteau aka Alexander Barr on 12 April in motor vehicle registration no. EY05 VVR at Kelvin Way, Glasgow did assault Karen Buckley, formerly of Glasgow Caledonian University, repeatedly strike her on the head and body with a spanner and compress her neck and you did murder her.”

It earlier emerged that Pacteau, who had been drinking heavily at the time, had first attempted to strangle the University Of Limerick nursing graduate in his car before battering her to death with a spanner, striking her head up to 13 times.

He later desperately tried to cover his tracks, placing his victim's body in a blue plastic barrel and filling it up with 40 litres of caustic soda – a strong chemical used in the likes of drain cleaner.

Pacteau then hid the barrel in a storage shed on an isolated farm 10km north of the city.

Karen was studying for a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy at Glasgow Caledonia University at the time of her murder.



Primark have removed mannequins with protruding ribs from their window displays, after receiving numerous complaints on Twitter.

Mel Fraser was the first to post a picture of the controversial mannequin, when she spotted the ribcage design in a Glasgow in the UK.

Mel’s tweet has since been retweeted over 1,600 times with users disgusted by the stores’ designs.

Fraser also highlighted that it was nothing to do with “skinny bashing” but was concerned that no other body sizes were represented in mannequin forms.

“And before I get anyone saying that I’m skinny bashing, I’m not, I’d just like to see mannequins in clothing stores being all different shapes and sizes rather than young girls thinking that this is the only way to be!”

Primark were quick to reply to Mel’s tweet saying they were investigating the matter. Three days later they removed the controversial mannequins from their stores.