How to survive your first couple’s holiday

They always look so blissful in the brochure, but don’t be fooled – going on a holiday with your boyfriend isn’t all romantic sunsets and candle lit dinners in a cute little restaurant by the sea.

We’re talking sunburn, excessive sweating, perhaps a dose of diarrohea after drinking the tap water – not exactly the stuff of romantic novels.

However, if you’re well prepared, a couple’s holiday can be everything you dreamed of – here are some tips for when you decide to book your romantic week away!

Lower your expectations
You’ll probably still have the odd squabble on your holiday, but that’s ok. Thinking everything is going to be rosy for seven days straight is only setting yourself up for disappointment, so be prepared!

Remember: It’s not a girl’s holiday!
When choosing your destination, it’s good to remember that while you had the BEST TIME EVER in Ibiza three years ago, your couple’s holiday is an entirely different creature. Go somewhere appropriate that you’ll both enjoy.

Don’t compare yourselves to other couples
So you’ve got nothing to say to each other and the couple at the next table can’t stop talking? Relax and enjoy the comfortable silence.

While you might be happy to lounge the week away, your other half might prefer to do something active. Make compromises for each other.

Spend some time apart
There’s nothing worse than dragging around a grumpy boyfriend when you’re doing your holiday shopping – so leave him to do whatever he wants to do himself while you take some me time. Works a charm!