9 things NOT to do on a first Tinder date


Tinder dates can be really nerve racking. So let’s not make it worse by doing the following:

1. Sex as a topic of conversation
Starting a conversation about sex with someone you’ve just met is not an okay thing to do.

Sexxx2. Bad manners
Remember what your mother taught you: don’t open your mouth while chewing, don’t burp at the dinner table or use your index finger to pick rice out of your molars! Manners tell a lot about a person and give great insight into their personality. Be on your best behaviour.

Burp3. Make SURE you’ve got the right guy!
Before you go on that Tinder date, make sure you know which guy it is you are asking out. Study each photo carefully before making your decision, and if you’re still not sure – just ask! It’ll save yourself an awkward moment when the wrong guy turns up. Yikes!

Yikes4. Being on your phone
There’s nothing more mind-numbingly irritating than being out with someone, either a date or a friend, and they’re constantly texting on their phone. You can’t put it away for 20 minutes?!

Busy5. Having one drink too many
Don’t get drunk on the first date! Your filter will break down, so too will your defences and it’ll usually lead to something that you didn’t want to happen. You’ll say something you didn’t want to say, behave in a way that you wouldn’t usually and do something (someone) that you wouldn’t normally do. Have a drink by all means, but don’t go over your limit.

im-not-drunk-gif6. Meeting for dinner
Dinner is a big commitment for a first date with a stranger. You can’t predict how it will go, so if you want a get-out clause in case it’s incredibly awkward, start with something casual like a drink or coffee.

Dinner7. Splitting the bill
Don’t be an amateur. When the time comes to split the bill for coffee/lunch/dinner, offer to split. He’s not made of money and it will make you seem generous (which you are, this time)


8. Making TOO much eye contact
This is a key element of all first dates. You have to make the appropriate amount of eye contact. You don’t want to creep him out but you also don’t want to seem disinterested.

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