10 things you will learn when you enter the ‘real world’


It’s time to enter the so-called “real” world. Here are some hard lessons you will soon learn in this next exciting phase of your life.

1. Wages
You’ll be paid a whole lot less than you think thanks to those lovely things we call taxes. Never heard of ’em? You will soon.

tumblr_m34h2vX6To1r3bcb9o1_5002. Co-workers
Some of them won’t like you, it’s natural, but try to learn from them. All they see is this self proclaimed hot shot coming straight out of college whereas more than likely you’re a diamond in the rough and need to be cut and polished before you can be left to your own devices.

Scarlett-Johanson-Poison-Everyone-Hate-Job-Coffee-Gif3. Your boss
He or she may have been on the interview panel, and may have asked you personal questions in order to assess your suitability for the position but don’t for a second think that they didn’t forget your name the second you walked out the door.

Coworkers4. Don’t stand still
Technology is changing every day, exponentially and the days of getting locked into a civil service position for life are becoming less and less. Self  improvement and up-skilling are the key to you staying relevant while moving forward. So take advantage of any courses or seminars that will better you. If you stand still you’ll become an unmotivated drone!

the-office-25. Bringing in lunch
You probably learned this in school but keep the smelly lunches to a minimum. Healthy, scentless food will be better for you in the long run, both in popularity and in health situations.

tumblr_mcgxulgneq1ri5c15o1_500_zpsc788be346. Gossip
The water cooler conversations as they are now well known throughout the world. Learn to keep your comments neutral and rarely gossip about people in your new work. You don’t know how long the person you are speaking to has been there or where the allegiance lies. Just nod and smile, people, nod and smile!

Thats-What-She-Said-Michael-Scott-Last-Episode7. Inter office relationships
Look, it’s going to happen. People just can’t control themselves and make extremely poor choices but make sure it doesn’t hinder you. The fewer people that know, the better. You don’t want to become the gossipee, do you?

joanroger8. Take the right “sick days” off
Some people never take a day off, some people do. But unless you have your spine hanging out maybe don’t take a Monday off after a massive weekend on the piss. Go in and deal with everything “the fear” has to throw at you. The odd Monday is fine, of course, but repetition will be noted.

sick9. Office parties
Please be on your best behaviour at these events. It’s so easy to swallow a bit too much eggnog at the Christmas party and deliver a few home truths about your boss, but that kind of behaviour will land you straight in HR on your first day back.

2yynho110. You will make mistakes
Ask questions because everybody makes mistakes. If you keep your mouth shut, you will walk head first into these mistakes so take the initiative and ask someone who can you a heads up!


And of course, above all, enjoy!

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