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Blac Chyna for the most part has disappeared from the headlines after her break-up with Rob Kardashian. 

However, the drama has reignited after Chyna's lawyer, Walter Mosley, signalled that his client is planning to sue the Kardashian family.

The 30-year-old is taking a case against her ex-fiancé and his family for allegedly damaging her career.

The allegations comes after their TV series Rob & Chyna was cancelled. 


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Walter Mosley took to Instagram to announced that a court date for the lawsuit had been confirmed.

He captioned a picture with Chyna: “February 3, 2020. We’re going to court. White v. Kardashian et al. #staytuned #blacchyna.”

The Mirror reports that Kris Jenner is financially supporting Rob, as her son is to appear in court to figure out child support.

Chyna and Rob share two-year-old daughter, Dream.


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It's reported that last month, Rob asked for his $20,000 a month child support payments to be lowered.

In fact, The Blast alleged that the 31-year-old can't afford the monthly financial support.

Additionally, the publication reported that Rob believes that Chyna's bigger paycheck means that she should be supporting him.

Looks like we'll have to wait until 2020 to see how this pans out.


You may remember the most adorable child on the planet who got to save the world for a day, otherwise known as Batkid.

Back in 2013, the Make a Wish Foundation shut down and transformed the streets of San Francisco for 24 hours in order to allow five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott to achieve his dream.

It's safe to say he won the entire world's heart. Anyone who had the privilege of watching him race through Gotham and defeat villains like the Joker and the Penguin as well as rescue citizens witnessed pure joy.

Unsurprisingly, Batkid became a sensation as the mini-superhero, everyone fell in love with the youngster as well as sending him prayers and well wishes for his brave battle with cancer.

It was MAJOR news at the time, even Barack Obama adorably chimed in to thank Miles for his services to the city:

As if this story wasn't heartwarming enough, it has now emotional been revealed that Miles is CANCER FREE. We're not crying, you're crying…

The youngster is now officially in remission, we wonder if his superpowers had anything to do with it?

His story was even mde into a 2015 documentary entitled Batkid Begins, which tells the inspirational story of the little boy as well as how the whole event was organised by Make a Wish Foundation and the San Francisco mayor at the time, Ed Lee.

Image: Decider

The charity has said that Miles has returned to normality (in disguise): 

"Since his crime fighting day five years ago, Miles has returned to being a typical kid – playing little league, going to school, helping his family farm, and even selling his first market goat in the local fair! Now 10 years old and in fifth grade, Miles loves science and robotics."

Batkid, who is now ten-years-old, featured on the San Francisco Bay Area Make a Wish Foundation Twitter account as a success story, for beating his illness:

We are so delighted for Miles and his family, he is truly an uplifting superhero who inspires us all.

Feature image: Time Magazine


The love lives of the Kardashians have never been simple, but things took a slightly weird turn when Rob proposed to and had a child with Kylie Jenner's love rival Blac Chyna, who also happens to be the mother of Kylie's boyfriend Tyga's child, King. 

Slightly confused? Us too.


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However, the quartet of co-parents seem to be making things work, with Kylie playing babysitter to King on the regular, and now the 19-year-old is even renting out one of her lavish homes to her big brother and his new family. 

Rob, Chyna, King and their newborn daughter Dream moved into Kylie's Hidden Hills mansion this week in order to be closer to Rob's family.


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The make up mogul owns two other homes in the area, not including her own. That's quite a property portfolio for a teenager. 

While it's not unusual for siblings to help each other out, we're sure that this move will make for an interesting episode of Rob & Chyna.



Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are having a very exciting week as it has been revealed they have bought their very own home!

The house is situated in Mark’s native Essex and the couple have begun to move their things in.

Michelle had previously spoken about the move, saying: “We’ve been searching for such a long time We pulled out of two houses because we didn’t like one and then another was in the wrong area so it was panic, panic. Then one day we were driving past this house, and as soon as we walked in we knew. It’s a new build. It’s my dream home.”

The couple are planning on getting married very soon and we can’t wait to see pics of their big day! 


It’s time to hand in that notice, ladies, as Netflix have just announced what may just be the world’s greatest job EVER.

Netflix are looking for taggers from the UK and Ireland. But what is a tagger?

Well, a tagger is someone who uses their analytical mind to personalise our Netflix accounts. How does this happen? By watching hours and hours of Netflix, of course!

Have a look at the video by Netflix to learn more about this amazing job if you’re interested!



A new study says that a staggering 57 per cent of men and women admit to fantasising about someone other than their partner when they’re having sex with them.


Apparently, us ladies are the biggest culprits with 45 per cent admitting to indulging in their fantasy man while getting passionate with their other half.

Who’s yours?

According to the study, a third of all couples (35 per cent) say the most common time they do this is just after they’ve had an argument with their significant other.

But apparently, all this mind-wandering is actually perfectly healthy for your relationship.

Psychologist Dr Pam Spurr said, “Fantasising provides an escape route which helps climax.”

“The fact that women do this more often could be that they feel more shy or inhibited to ask their partner to try a different technique – at least with fantasies, they give women what they need to reach a mind blowing climax without having to ask!”



Rapper Drake made a teenager’s dream come true, with a lot of help from her big-hearted classmates.

When 15-year-old Kennedy Brown, from Houston in the U.S., was unable to finish the school year due to a terminal brain tumour, her classmates stepped up to make sure that she didn’t miss out on any major school events.

They held a ‘high school in a day’ experience for the teen who’s been battling cancer for two years.

The pals threw an early prom for Kennedy and crowned her prom queen before holding a graduation ceremony during which she received her diploma.

But Kennedy’s classmates were on a mission and had another very special surprise up their sleeves.

When their local TV station ran a story about the festivities, the students asked viewers to tweet rapper Drake, in the hopes of catching the star’s attention so he would send a message to Kennedy – who is a massive fan of the star.

In just a matter of hours, the hashtag #DrakeForKen went viral.

Kennedy’s father, Tony Brown, received a call from the rapper himself who promised he wouldn’t let the teenager down.

Drake spent last weekend hanging out with Kennedy and her pals, and by the looks of the pictures, they both had a great day.