Is he fantasising about someone else during sex?


A new study says that a staggering 57 per cent of men and women admit to fantasising about someone other than their partner when they’re having sex with them.


Apparently, us ladies are the biggest culprits with 45 per cent admitting to indulging in their fantasy man while getting passionate with their other half.

Who’s yours?

According to the study, a third of all couples (35 per cent) say the most common time they do this is just after they’ve had an argument with their significant other.

But apparently, all this mind-wandering is actually perfectly healthy for your relationship.

Psychologist Dr Pam Spurr said, “Fantasising provides an escape route which helps climax.”

“The fact that women do this more often could be that they feel more shy or inhibited to ask their partner to try a different technique – at least with fantasies, they give women what they need to reach a mind blowing climax without having to ask!”