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You may remember the most adorable child on the planet who got to save the world for a day, otherwise known as Batkid.

Back in 2013, the Make a Wish Foundation shut down and transformed the streets of San Francisco for 24 hours in order to allow five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott to achieve his dream.

It's safe to say he won the entire world's heart. Anyone who had the privilege of watching him race through Gotham and defeat villains like the Joker and the Penguin as well as rescue citizens witnessed pure joy.

Unsurprisingly, Batkid became a sensation as the mini-superhero, everyone fell in love with the youngster as well as sending him prayers and well wishes for his brave battle with cancer.

It was MAJOR news at the time, even Barack Obama adorably chimed in to thank Miles for his services to the city:

As if this story wasn't heartwarming enough, it has now emotional been revealed that Miles is CANCER FREE. We're not crying, you're crying…

The youngster is now officially in remission, we wonder if his superpowers had anything to do with it?

His story was even mde into a 2015 documentary entitled Batkid Begins, which tells the inspirational story of the little boy as well as how the whole event was organised by Make a Wish Foundation and the San Francisco mayor at the time, Ed Lee.

Image: Decider

The charity has said that Miles has returned to normality (in disguise): 

"Since his crime fighting day five years ago, Miles has returned to being a typical kid – playing little league, going to school, helping his family farm, and even selling his first market goat in the local fair! Now 10 years old and in fifth grade, Miles loves science and robotics."

Batkid, who is now ten-years-old, featured on the San Francisco Bay Area Make a Wish Foundation Twitter account as a success story, for beating his illness:

We are so delighted for Miles and his family, he is truly an uplifting superhero who inspires us all.

Feature image: Time Magazine



18-year-old Joe Moreno from Texas knew that there was only one special lady he wanted to ask to prom. No it wasn't his high school sweetheart or crush, but his mother. 

His mum Vanessa had never attended her own prom. She had dropped out of school at the age of 17 in order to give her son the best life possible. 

Joe spared no expense for the date, even buying her corsage and picking her up. 

Sharing pictures of the fabulous evening on Twitter, he went viral. Not only did his selflessness resonate with many people, but many commented on how radiant Vanessa looked. 

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Joe said that he had always planned on bringing his mum to the prom, and has even cleared it with the school before the event. 

"Me and my mum have a unique relationship, she has really pushed me to do the best and focus on the important things like school. My mum is also a great and caring individual who loves to have fun, through vacations and all. She has pushed me and my two younger siblings to be the very best."

Vanessa told the New York Post , that it was a perfect evening. 

"Sometimes people don’t know the sacrifices us mothers make. We just hope that it does get seen, and I am so glad my son did see my sacrifice and wanted to give back. It meant the world to me."

Joe added that they didn't expect to go viral. 

 "Me and my mom didn't really expect it to go viral. I love my mum with all my heart. I hope something that people would take away from the story would be to feel grateful for parents and their sacrifices. Cherish your parents and always make sure to give back."

What an amazing young man!