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Cheryl took to the X-Factor stage to debut her comeback hit 'Love Made Me Do It' – and spoiler alert – it didn't go well.

Whilst fans did take to Twitter to defend the singer's first performance since she had her son, Bear – generally, people weren't happy.

The criticism came as a surprise to Cheryl, who was allegedly "devastated" upon hearing the negative reviews.


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An insider told The Sun Online that: “Cheryl’s devastated over the harsh comments about her performance.

“She always says that ‘haters’ come with fame and she expects some negativity, but she didn’t expect this reaction.”

“She goes on social media to interact with her fans and it actually shocked her, reading some of the comments," added the source. 


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“At first she was angry – she watched the performance back over ten times and can’t understand what she did wrong."

“She just feels like some people are always going to be against her and she can’t change their minds,” they said.

And to make matters worse for Cheryl, there have been complaints about her shaking her booty on stage.

The complaints came because the sexy shapes she threw were aired before that good old 9 pm watershed. 


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We hope Cheryl's next performance goes a little bit better – because we can't lie, it really had the cringe-factor.

If you missed her Sunday night X-Factor performance – happy watching…

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Proposing to someone is a massive deal, but you would hope that you would have a good enough grasp of the relationship to know what their response would be.

Unfortunately, one lad clearly wasn't clued in to what his partner wanted, a fact that was made all too cringingly clear when she turned down his very public proposal. 

According to eye witnesses at  Boston's Fenway Park, one gent decided that the best way to propose to his love was with a sky-high declaration in front of the packed park during a game using the Jumbotron Kiss Cam.

Unfortunately, when the message appeared, the couple were having a bit of a tiff, and she rejected his proposal in front of the thousands of attendees.

In possibly the most awkward series of events in history, the couple continued to fight as spectators watched on and essentially live-tweeted the unfolding events.

It also reportedly cost around €400 to get a proposal up on the Jumbotron.

Unfortunately, this lad is all out of love as well as being out of pocket. 




There is nothing more awkward than making a fool of yourself in front of your idol, but imagine if you accidentally cause them a slight instance of bodily harm while you were at it? 

One American journalist accidentally did just that, after she slapped Nicole Richie during an interview.

The facepalm (literally) moment happened to showbiz reporter Cat Greenleaf of Talk Stoop.

The pair started chatting about what good news had occurred that weekend and Cat offered Nicole a high five after hearing about the lack of rain in LA. 

"I live in LA and I heard it's going to rain three times this week so that's pretty" replied Nicole, raising her palm for the high five. 

Unfortunately, the presenter didn't make contact with the celeb's palm, but managed to whack the Simple Life star in the face, sending her sunglasses flying.


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Cat was visibly cringing after the clumsy move, telling Nicole: "I'm so sorry… I'm notoriously clumsy." 

Luckily, the star saw the funny side, despite looking slightly shocked, saying: "I can see that, out of my left eye only."

We'd be cringing hard.

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Every award show has a few awkward moments, but Stacey Dash truly took the biscuit for last night's Oscar awards.

The audience was left in shock when host Chris Rock invited Stacey onto the stage – while he continued to poke fun at the all-white nominations controversy.

Stacey recently said that Black History Moth should be scrapped, and while she shamelessly walked onto the stage.

We think Chris meant for it to be a light-hearted ha-ha moment – but the reaction from Chrissy Teigen was absolutely everything.

She made the face that everyone was feeling, and it got caught right on camera.

Chris introduced her as "the new director of our minority outreach program", and Stacey was met by complete silence going on stage.

Even though the joke fell completely flat, we have full appreciation for Chrissy's face.



We honestly don't know why these guys decided it would be a good idea to play text roulette (sober), but the outcome is pretty funny.

A group of lads and ladies got together and had to hand over their phone to their BFFs.

They then had to spin the wheel, and whatever it landed on, they had to text it to a person of their choice.

There were some mother and bosses involved, but we feel pretty sorry for the lad that had to text a girl he likes. She probably doesn't like him after this though. Poor guy. 



This may be officially the most awkward proposal of all time!

First of all…it’s in a department store. What was he thinking?!

Second, she says no. And not even because it’s in a department store.

While we’re debating the authenticity of the video it still provided us with some much-loved cringe moments. 

If it's real it may almost beat THAT Rose Of Tralee proposal:

Actually, no. That's still the most awkward moment in TV history. 



Kristen Stewart may be the face of iconic designer labels Chanel and Balenciaga, but even she hasn’t escaped a cringe-worthy style faux-pas on the red carpet.

The Twilight star said she is “so, so embarrassed” by the snap taken of her as a child actress at the première of 2002 thriller Panic Room.

But it’s adorable!

Kristen said, “It shouldn’t be embarrassing because I was so young, but it doesn’t even matter how young you are, you’re just so, so embarrassed.”

The actress, who was only 12 at the time, added, “I definitely look back and think, “Oh that wasn’t my best choice”, or that it was so obvious that I wasn’t comfortable in that.

“It is a good feeling though, when you get it right and you can walk tall. It shows, everyone can see that.”




Well, to be fair, she covered it well by clapping manically and refrained from hopping on stage to grab the Grammy off Daft Punk, claiming that she had the “best video of all time”.

We really wish that happened.