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There is nothing more awkward than making a fool of yourself in front of your idol, but imagine if you accidentally cause them a slight instance of bodily harm while you were at it? 

One American journalist accidentally did just that, after she slapped Nicole Richie during an interview.

The facepalm (literally) moment happened to showbiz reporter Cat Greenleaf of Talk Stoop.

The pair started chatting about what good news had occurred that weekend and Cat offered Nicole a high five after hearing about the lack of rain in LA. 

"I live in LA and I heard it's going to rain three times this week so that's pretty" replied Nicole, raising her palm for the high five. 

Unfortunately, the presenter didn't make contact with the celeb's palm, but managed to whack the Simple Life star in the face, sending her sunglasses flying.


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Cat was visibly cringing after the clumsy move, telling Nicole: "I'm so sorry… I'm notoriously clumsy." 

Luckily, the star saw the funny side, despite looking slightly shocked, saying: "I can see that, out of my left eye only."

We'd be cringing hard.

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Niall Horan and Chris O'Dowd appeared on The Graham Norton Show last night and possibly made it the most Irish show ever.

The banter was flying as Niall spoke about his new solo track and we'd also say Chris was well on his way to pint number three when the show began.

The singer spoke about his hometown Mullingar and how the guards still bring him home after a night out!

But, then something so beautifully Irish happened when Niall went up to perform This Town.

Yep, Chris gave him a right old slap on the arse, like something we'd all see on the side of a GAA pitch.

Ah lads, you made the show wonderful.



Ariana Grande had a bit of an awkward encounter with an Angel at last night’s Victoria's Secret Fashion Show when she was belted in the face by a wing.

Elsa Hosk was coming down the runway as Ariana was belting out one of her hits, but didn’t quite spatially assess the situation and was hit by a wing before ducking down.

The singer laughed off the incident in a tweet earlier today, writing: “a Victoria’s Secret angel accidentally smacked me in the face with her wings and it was awesome #goals #bangbangintomyface.”

We bet that model is feeling lucky the rumoured 'diva' Ariana didn't appear at that particular moment! Perhaps she'll be next to be knocked off the runway following the mysterious absence of former Angel Jessica Hart following her Taylor Swift diss…