Awkward! This man’s very public proposal just went horribly wrong

Proposing to someone is a massive deal, but you would hope that you would have a good enough grasp of the relationship to know what their response would be.

Unfortunately, one lad clearly wasn't clued in to what his partner wanted, a fact that was made all too cringingly clear when she turned down his very public proposal. 

According to eye witnesses at  Boston's Fenway Park, one gent decided that the best way to propose to his love was with a sky-high declaration in front of the packed park during a game using the Jumbotron Kiss Cam.

Unfortunately, when the message appeared, the couple were having a bit of a tiff, and she rejected his proposal in front of the thousands of attendees.

In possibly the most awkward series of events in history, the couple continued to fight as spectators watched on and essentially live-tweeted the unfolding events.

It also reportedly cost around €400 to get a proposal up on the Jumbotron.

Unfortunately, this lad is all out of love as well as being out of pocket.