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Christmas is LESS than a week away, so naturally we've complied the things you'll probably encounter over the festive period.

Deep breathes lads, grab a drink and see how many you and your mates relate to on this list.

Sure, it wouldn't be an Irish Crimbo without them.

1. The relative that asks you what 'Santa got you' even though you're 25 – and don't forget the wink if there’s a child around.

2. Hiding Roses wrappers – you have no idea how many you've managed to eat without vomiting and you're hiding the wrappers of shame from the fam.

3. Being woken up to go to early mass or trying to stay awake for midnight mass – and the church is always freezing, WHY?

4. Having to fake liking a gift – they've no clue what you're into or what you like and haven't bothered to find out. This one will definitely be re-gifted, thanks Linda.

5. Getting to the age when gifts of socks and shower gel are exciting presents – sure, we can't afford the luxuries anymore when we are forking out an arm and half for rent in Dublin.


6. Your siblings that have well and truly moved out of the house are back for the Christmas period and this means war. Reverting back to childhood roles and fighting over the remote is just a rite of passage.

7. Board games are broken out and they start off well, until someone gets WAY too drunk, starts a fight or storms off.

8. It wouldn't be Christmas without your drunk uncle singing RA songs in the corner.

9. The unwanted comments on your fashion choices – "that skirt is a bit short, did you forget your trousers?"  "Are you not cold wearing that?" "Do you know you have holes in your jeans?" – EYE ROLL.

10. Trying to find your glass of wine; It's come to that time in the evening when everyone is tipsy and nobody knows who's glass is whose. 

11. You've been looking forward to your FAVE soap Christmas special all year. The writers are going ALL out and the plot is just divine…and then you have that one person who has never seen an episode since last Christmas asking who every character is – breathe, just breathe.

12.  It isn't a family gathering without this question and we suggest a shot of bourbon every time it's asked – DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND YET? When the answer to that question is you have a better relationship with wine than the male species – just smile and walk away.

13. It wouldn't be the silly season without the grandparents being slightly racist – just look at the ground, deep breathes.

14. Spicy comments about any of this year's referendums – my body, my choice, Declan – don't start.

15. Or any political comments that you just don't have the strength to argue about after a year of working your ass off at work.

16. Same conversation again and again – yes I'm still single, yes I'm still working there, yes, nothing has changed.

17. Having to watch the Angelus bells on RTE, although you have no religious beliefs, but you know your mother is watching and she'll disown you otherwise.  

18. The one relative that always loses or misplaced their glasses – cue the entire room looking for them, when they realise they were sitting on them in whole time. 

19. The person who said they aren't drinking but ends up getting hammered.

20. The hungover person: the one who was way too ambitious with the drink on Christmas eve, and they're trying not to vomit as they force the Christmas dinner down. 

21. Waking up at crack of dawn for the Christmas sales, being abused by the crazy crowds for a bargain and then being shamed by the family for going out on the holy days and ruining tradition.  

22. Acting surprised as money from the Christmas card falls into your lap – ah, Jesus that's a lovely card Mary, OOHH and €50 too – ah you shouldn't have.



I lived with my grandparents for the majority of my life.

When my mam moved down to the country, I decided to stay in Dublin and live with my grandparents because I didn't want to leave my school and friends.

And while some people might find that a bit odd, it was completely normal to me.

From my grandad teaching me how to ride a bike, to my nanny teaching me how to knit (she failed), there's a lot I learned from growing up with them.

To this day I go back there because nobody can make a cup of tea like my grandad.

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So, if you lived with or were pretty close to your grandparents growing up, then you'll know these 15 things to be true:

1. You were made go to mass

Sometimes even multiple times in the week.

2. And you'd get a slap if you used the Lord's name in vain


3. Dinner consisted of boiled potatoes and plain meat

I wasn't even allowed leave the table until it was all gone.

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4. Whenever they found something you did like to eat, they'd buy it by the bucket load

But then you'd get sick of that too…

5.You were introduced to a whole world of movies and songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s

But when you wanted to listen to your music, you were told to turn off that 'rap crap'.

6. They were very protective of you

And the fear of God was put in them when you started to hang around with guys.

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7. But it was even worse when you decided to dye your hair

And don't even mention piercings or tattoos.

8. You always knew the neighbourhood goss

And many mornings were spent staring out the window with your nanny to see what John down the road was getting up to today.

9. You still get phone calls if one of the neighbours pass away

Even if you didn't know them at all.

10. They always tried to dress you in cute, pink and girly outfits

And still do.

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11. It felt like you had two sets of parents

Permission had to be granted by four people. FOUR.

12. But you have a special bond with them that nobody else has

I consider my nanny one of my best mates, and my grandad makes me laugh like no other.

14. They're super special people

Mainly because they had to put up with me for 20+ years.

15. You appreciate EVERYTHING

Because hey, they didn't bargain for another daughter… but they certainly got one in me.

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It can’t be easy for Selena Gomez seeing her ex get himself into so much trouble, and according to a witness who saw the star having lunch with a friend, she was an emotional wreck:

“She was bawling. Her whole body was trembling, and she kept covering her face with her hands and shaking her head. It looked like something really bad had happened.”

No doubt the show of emotion was down to Selena’s ex Justin Bieber – but even though the pair have such a turbulent relationship, it hasn’t stopped Selena’s grandparents from having a soft spot for Bieber. They told a US magazine:

“He was a nice little fella, totally different from what he is right now. Lately, we are upset about his behaviour. He’s been getting in trouble a lot, and we blame it on the people he hangs around. His friends are bad influences. Selena even told us that she didn’t want to be with him because he was getting into drugs.”

Selena’s grandfather added: “I think she loves him. If he were to eventually propose… I don’t know. We’d be happy, because she’s happy with him.”

Do you think Justin will ever go back to how he used to be, or should Selena just move on?