Is THIS the best Christmas movie of all time? Here’s our countdown

Netflix has released its list of the very best Christmas movies on the planet (actually, just the best Christmas movies on Netflix).

While we totally agree with some of the contenders on the streaming mega site's list, there are quite a few other festive films that we think deserve a mention.

We've officially taken the hassle out of the 'so what will we watch tonight' dilemma, by putting together a countdown of our favourite festive flicks.

10. A Very Murray Christmas


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This Netflix Original Christmas special graced our screens last year.

If you're looking for something a little less traditional, then this gem is for you. Featuring huge celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock and Michael Cera, this comedy special-turned-musical is well worth a watch.


9. Harry Potter and the…

If the Big Big Movie on RTÉ isn't a Harry Potter in the run up to Christmas, is it even Christmas?

There is absolutely nothing better than snuggling up on the couch, hot chocolate (or wine) in hand, to watch these magical classics.

While they are not exactly Christmas-themed, what better time of year to binge watch some wizardry than the Christmas holidays?


8. The Grinch


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An obvious contender, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a complete classic.

Starring comedy veteran Jim Carrey as the Grinch, and a very young Taylor Momsen (remember her from Gossip Girl?), this fantasy Christmas film is crazy, sometimes dark, and altogether amazing. Dr Seuss' remarkable ability to create an incomparable world of fantasy is apparent in The Grinch like no other.


 7. While You Were Sleeping


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While You Were Sleeping is easily one of the best romantic movies around, even if it is a little dark for a festive film.

Lucy (Sandra Bullock), falls in love with Peter (Peter Gallagher), while working as transit fare collector in Chicago. Peter is a daily traveller on Lucy's train platform, and one Christmas, while worshipping him from afar, Peter is robbed and shoved onto the tracks.

Lucy saves him from a train, but Peter falls into a coma. A MAJOR mix-up at the hospital leads to Peter's family mistaking Lucy for his fiancée, and his imminent memory loss and saucy brother make things even more interesting.


6. Miracle on 34th Street


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The epitome of a Christmas classic, A Miracle on 34th Street might be a sappy one, but it's a great kind of sappy.

Starting with a drunk Santa (could it have inspired movie number 10 on our list?), and culminating with buckets of good will and festive cheer, it's hard not to love.


5. The Holiday


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Another Christmas rom-com, this blockbuster features a star-studded cast including Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law (swoon).

While the Jude Law factor alone is reason enough to watch, two hilarious and poignant romances unfold, as Amanda (Diaz) and Iris (Winslet) swap their homes for the other in a transatlantic transaction that leads to love.


4. Christmas with the Kranks


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Luther, played by Tim Allen; and Nora Krank, played by Jamie-Lee Curtis, decide to skip Christmas this year and go on a cruise.

Their daughter, Blair, has flown the nest and won't make it home, so the usually festive family decide to forego Christmas altogether.

This doesn't go down well with their neighbours, who want to win the town award for best neighbourhood decorations. Expect a laugh a minute from this famous flick.


3. Home Alone

This '90s comedy classic is essential, come Christmas time.

With a cameo appearance from US President-elect Donald Trump, this amazing movie isn't the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time at the North American box office for nothing.


2. The Santa Clause


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Apparently it's a requirement to have Tim Allen as the lead if you want your Christmas film to be a success.

In this heartwarming tale from 1994, Allen plays Scott Calvin, who (spoiler alert) must become the new Santa Clause after accidentally killing the old model, while also convincing his loved ones that his transformation is a reality and not a delusion.

This film also deals with the difficulties of joint custody all while maintaining that certain 'je ne sais quoi' that all of the very best Christmas movies offer.


1. Love, Actually


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We have to agree with Netflix on this one; Love, Actually has got to be the best Christmas movie ever.

Intertwining the lives of multiple characters, we dare you not to get emotionally invested in the highs and lows, dismays and triumphs, of this absolute classic.