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Authorities are at the scene of what has been described as a 'serious rail accident' in the south of France. 

A regional train collided with a school bus in the region of Perpignan, killing four children. 

The victims are said to be aged between 13 and 17, according to The Guardian.

A further nine people were injured in the accident, which occurred at a train crossing. 

Emergency services have been mobilised in the area. 

One witness told French publication L’Indépendant that the impact from the incident was 'violent.'

'We thought the train was going to come off the rails and turn over,' they said.



Three weeks after strike action began, Bus Éireann services are set to return to the roads.

 The Labour Court recommended 200 job cuts, with 120 among drivers.

The court also recommended a cut to earnings over €60,000.

National Bus and Rail Union general secretary Dermot O’Leary told the Labour Court that once a recommendation was granted, the pickets would be lifted, according to The Irish Times.

The NBRU is now considering the 17-page document of recommendations. 

The strike has caused chaos for commuters, particularly in rural areas of the country. 



The 46A needs no introduction, it is quite simply the best bus route in the entire Dublin area – well, South Dublin anyway. 

Coming around every 10/15 minutes, neither the 145, 63 nor the 4 have any hope in stealing the coveted title.

That doesn't mean it comes without fault. Hell, we've endured enough 'Oh my gawd – I got so loike drunk last night' phone conversations to last us a life-time. 

And as it takes us from Dun Laoghaire to the Phoenix Park, anyone who has lived or lives on the 46A route will DEFINITELY relate to the following…

1. Standing on Nassau Street praying to God that you haven't missed the last bus home 'cause you REALLY can't face the Nitelink 

Please, please, please. 

2. The sheer relief when you approach UCD… and the students depart 

It'll be roomy from here on out. 

3. But if you're getting off in Stillorgan… the actual stress of squeezing down the aisle thanks to the eejits who can't hear your 'excuse me' pleas


4. The immense pride you feel as your bus driver overtakes another 46A… until yours ends up pulling in at the next stop to let another hundred passengers on

Every. Single. Time.

5. The tense moment as you approach Donnybrook garage…

'Please God, don't do the changeover. PLEASE!'

6. Walking to the next stop because you KNOW there are too many people for the driver to want to stop at this one 

'WHY must everyone get the same bus as you?!'

7. Jumping up as you approach St. Stephen's Green even though you KNOW the Dawson Street stop is ages

Just in case… 

8. The look of confusion when someone tells you the 46A doesn't go there…

'Eh, WTF is going on?' 




According to numerous emerging reports, 14 people have lost their lives after a bus carrying university students crashed in Spain earlier this morning.

The vehicle, which was carrying Erasmus students from several different countries, was travelling to Barcelona from Valencia when it collided with a car and overturned on the AP-7 motorway near Freginals – a town which is approximately 60 miles south of Tarragona.

It has been established that approximately 20 fire crews and seven ambulance crews are currently working at the scene in an effort to free casualties who are trapped inside the bus.

Commenting on the morning's tragic events, mayor of Freginals, Josep Roncero, said: "The coach crash is a tragedy. At the moment there are 14 fatalities. Many Erasmus students were travelling in the vehicle."

"The coach has crossed the central reservation and overturned. It’s the worst accident I can remember," he continued. "All the injured have now been transferred to different hospitals in the area."

While the nationalities of the dead and injured have not yet been confirmed, reports indicate that the students travelling on the ill-fated bus were studying at Barcelona University.

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the tragedy.



Last week's Luas strikes caused havoc for thousands of Dublin commuters, as people struggled to get to work and home with one of the city's major transport links cut off.

Now, Luas drivers have threatened two more strike days in March – and that's on top of the additional strikes planned for this Thursday February 18 and Friday February 19.

Yep, you might want to make alternative arrangements for travel on Tuesday March 8 and St Patrick's Day, Thursday March 17.

While March 17 is a bank holiday, it is one of Dublin's busiest days of the year for public transport, as tourists flood the city and residents leave their cars behind to avoid traffic during the annual Patrick's Day parade.

The ongoing dispute is the result of calls by Luas staff for improved working conditions, with some staff members calling for pay rises of up to 53 per cent.

An estimated 90,000 commuters were disrupted by last week's strikes, with this Hailo video showing just how many people had to turn to taxis and other budget-busting methods of transport to get to work:

Other people chose to walk along the tracks:

And some resorted to battling their way onto overcrowded buses during peak hours:

Here's hoping this dispute gets resolved sooner rather than later.



If you think you're smarter than an eight-year-old, then it may be time to think again. 

This National Geographic brain teaser is going viral because kids are way more likely to solve it than adults.

The puzzle shows a totally symmetrical bus and asks you to determine in which direction it's going. 

Sooo… Can you figure it out?

If you're stumped just remember KIDS can crack it!

Still stumped (us too)? Here's a video explaining the answer:



Belfast bus driver Paul Doyle has been praised by thousands for his kindness to a homeless man after a student who was riding his bus posted about his caring act on Facebook.

AnnaMarie McDaniel wrote a post on the Translink Facebook page. She described  how the driver stopped the bus beside a homeless man who was soaked in the rain. 

On the bus home from university there, absolutely miserable wet and cold night. I get the same bus every Tuesday and…

Posted by AnnaMarie McDaniel on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The driver handed him a plastic bag with a winter coat that he had bought for him.

By this afternoon more than 66,000 people had liked the post. There were also close to 2,000 comments that praised Paul and thanked him for making their day. 

Michael Dornan, a representative for the Unite union, told Belfast Live:

"Paul is a very laid-back, reserved and quiet person. He told me he had repeatedly seen this young man standing in terrible conditions with no coat and his clothes were very thin.

This particular day he just said he thought he would try and help and look after him. He put it in a bag with some food. The young lad got very emotional and broke down.” 


He added that Paul is a very humble individual and he is taken aback by the amount of people who have responded to his generosity.

This is however not the first time Metro drivers have made the effort to help their local community.

"We as a Union intend to do something on the run-up to Christmas for homeless people, to help them in some way.

They seem to be the forgotten people of Belfast, especially coming up to Christmas."



In the worst traffic accident to happen in France in more than three decades, at least 42 people have been killed in a horrific head-on collision in the south-west of the country.

The country's president Francois Hollande has already said he is "deeply saddened" by the incident and has declared that the French government is doing everything it can.

RTÉ News reports that a truck and a bus collided near the village of Puisseguin, located about 55km north-east of Bordeaux, at 7.30am local time. Local media is furthermore saying that both the coach and the lorry burst into flames upon impact – something which undoubtedly contributed to the unusually high death toll.

Around 60 firefighters were called to the scene to deal with the crash. 

Both drivers are dead, along with at least 40 others – French pensioners off to Les Landes for a walking trip – who were travelling on the bus. Only eight are believed to have survived the collision. Four of those have relatively minor injuries, with the other four battling serious brain trauma or burns. 

Puisseguin Mayor Xavier Sublett told RTL radio this morning that he believes the truck driver lost control of the vehicle.

The bus driver "tried to avoid it, but the truck came and hit it, and he couldn't do anything except activate the mechanism to open the doors to allow some people to get out," Mr Sublett said.

Driving conditions this morning in the region were normal, but Gérard Dupuy, a town hall official in Puisseguin, told France Info the crash happened on a dangerous bend where there had been other accidents in the past. 




An Indian fashion photographer has released controversial images of an Indian woman surrounded by men on a bus, and fending off their advances.

The photo series “The Wrong Turn” was created by Mumbai photographer Raj Shetye.

Raj said he came up with the idea as a way of highlighting what Indian women go through on a daily basis on public transport.

But not everyone has reacted positively to the photo shoot. Many users have commented on Twitter, that Shetye is glamorising the serious issues of sexual assault of women in India.

Raj has insisted he’s not “glamorising” sexual harassment but raising the issue in the only way he knows how.

 “Being a photographer, the only medium I can communicate in is photos. For me, its as simple as that. It’s art. Making movies, writing articles, making a poem – these are all ways of addressing the topic. Being a fashion photographer, this is what I can do best.”

What do you think of this campaign? 




The Script lads have opened up about their near death experience after their tour bus crashed – and said being drunk saved them!

The Irish band spoke about their trauma in America while on the road with One Republic earlier this year.

Guitarist Mark Sheehan said, “The bus crashed one night. We were in the middle of recording in the mobile studio and we were going 55mph on to the on-ramp of a motorway. The bus slammed to a stop and everyone went flying.

“A few instruments were harmed but everyone was OK. Thankfully we were pretty drunk at the time. The reality hit us the next day – that if we had been in bed at the time of the crash, we could have broken our necks.”

The band, whose new album No Sound Without Silence comes out on September 15th, have turned their tour coach into a mini-nightclub and renamed it the “craic house”.

Singer Danny O’Donoghue said, “We booked a load of lasers and a smoke machine for the bus so as soon as we finish recording for the night, we turn them on and have a DIY nightclub.”

As long as it doesn’t crash again lads!



Public transport is never easy. But these people make it ten thousand times worse.

 1. The phone person
Who needs to have a two-hour conversation on a bus? Seriously?


2. The raver
Prodigy at 6.30am? And is that red bull we smell? Good Lord. More power to them.


 3. The PDA couple
What ARE they doing back there? Judging by the sounds, we feel we’re better off not knowing. *shudder*


4. School children
Teenagers scare the crap out of us. The screaming, the loud music, the scarily heavy bags that could kill us in one sudden turn.


5. The person who needs a seat for their bag
Is there anyone more rude in this world than the person that gives you a dirty look as they move their bag from the empty seat? Do they think we WANT to sit next to them? That ANY of this is our choice?!


6. The smelly person


7. The person who waits until they’re on the bus to get their money out
The bus is 30 minutes late as it is – what HAVE you been doing?


8. The person who doesn’t thank the bus driver when they get off
It’s an unwritten rule – what the hell?

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Today’s highlights include Willow Smith photographed in bed with a 20 year-old topless man, supermodel Adriana Lima being bowled over by a bus, who Gisele Bundchen sold her 50 million dollar mega-mansion to and much more.

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