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If anyone remembers going to Fitz Zone or Kidzone as a child, then you'll remember the big ball pool that you'd just launch yourself into.

We had hours of fun, and didn't want to leave the ball pit when our mothers came to collect us.

Well, if you're still a kid at heart, then you'll love this event coming to Dublin next month.

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Innocent Drinks are delighting us all by installing a giant adult ball pool for an entire weekend.

From July 28 to 30, Merrion Square will have an nostalgic overhaul , and we can finally all act like we're five-years-old again.

There's even going to be an Innocent Green, where people can enjoy a game of tip the can, rounders and fruit pong (which we're interested to try out).

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You must be over 16 to attend and Innocent are advising people to book in early to avoid disappointment.

For more info, check out here.



If you think you're smarter than an eight-year-old, then it may be time to think again. 

This National Geographic brain teaser is going viral because kids are way more likely to solve it than adults.

The puzzle shows a totally symmetrical bus and asks you to determine in which direction it's going. 

Sooo… Can you figure it out?

If you're stumped just remember KIDS can crack it!

Still stumped (us too)? Here's a video explaining the answer: