The 8 most irritating people you’ll meet on the bus


Public transport is never easy. But these people make it ten thousand times worse.

 1. The phone person
Who needs to have a two-hour conversation on a bus? Seriously?


2. The raver
Prodigy at 6.30am? And is that red bull we smell? Good Lord. More power to them.


 3. The PDA couple
What ARE they doing back there? Judging by the sounds, we feel we’re better off not knowing. *shudder*


4. School children
Teenagers scare the crap out of us. The screaming, the loud music, the scarily heavy bags that could kill us in one sudden turn.


5. The person who needs a seat for their bag
Is there anyone more rude in this world than the person that gives you a dirty look as they move their bag from the empty seat? Do they think we WANT to sit next to them? That ANY of this is our choice?!


6. The smelly person


7. The person who waits until they’re on the bus to get their money out
The bus is 30 minutes late as it is – what HAVE you been doing?


8. The person who doesn’t thank the bus driver when they get off
It’s an unwritten rule – what the hell?

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