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Ah lads, we're devestated we lost against Belgium today.

But even though everyone hails Belgium as the best team in the world, there were some seriously sketchy things going on there today.

Here, we're looking at the top 5 things that made us go WTF during today's match:

1. Shane Long's head kick

And then Belgium scored. That was a yellow card!!


2. Lukaku was playing top notch 

Which was ultimately crap for us…


3. Two balls on the field

And then Hendrick getting a yellow card for kicking one.


4. Ah REF

Was it just us or did he favour Belgium? 


5. We LOST 🙁

But, we'll come back fighting!




Niall Horan is taking a break from his work today to go out and support the boys in green.

The Mullingar man is feeling very patriotic donning an Ireland Jersey and I'm sure like the rest of us, he's eager to see how today's match ends.

The team are playing against Belgium, and at the moment neither teams have scored.

The One Direction star took to Instagram to show off his new Ireland jersey.

He captioned the pic: “Here we go. Cmon Ireland.

“Off to the pub to watch the boys in green. Wearing it with serious amounts of pride today.”




Thousands of festival goers have already flocked to Ballinlough Castle this weekend, knowing that even though they'll be seeing pretty cool performers, they'll be missing out of Ireland's Euros match against Belgium. Sob.

The festival previously said that they will NOT air the match today, making the statement:

“We’re not broadcasting the UEFA Euro match at the festival. You could stream the match via the RTÉ iPlayer App on your phone. Or, go old school, and bring a radio and have listening parties with new and old friends.”

A listening party? Yep, NOT going to happen.

So of course, thousands protested and signed a petition, which in the end, raked up nearly 3,000 signatures.

The petition stated: “Very few times does our little nation get to come together and rejoice in the achievements of Irish soccer at major finals. This is one of those moments and it needs to be grasped with both hands!!!

"Lets petition Body and Soul to bring a small piece of Ireland’s odyssey in France to a field Westmeath! So that together we can recreate some of the joyous scenes that Irish fans are creating in France and do our nation proud by cheering on Martin, Keano and the boys down at Ballinlough Castle!"

They have a point.

So, the Body & Soul bosses, being the sound lads they are made another statement yesterday:

"Republic of Ireland fans attending this weekend’s Body&Soul Festival in the grounds of Ballinlough Castle in Co. Westmeath can watch RTÉ2’s live coverage of Ireland’s crunch Group E clash with Belgium. 

"The game will be shown live in the Midnight Circus Arena with coverage beginning at 1.00pm (Kick-off 2.00pm). The Midnight Circus Arena has a capacity of 3,000 and it will be a case of first come first served for those wishing to cheer on the Boys in Green."