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We're super excited for the release of the new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, hitting cinemas next week.

The movie has spawned a number of interesting products, from beauty serums to flavoured teas, and now one coveted noughties fashion brand is getting inspired by the Disney flick. 

Juicy Couture is clearly as excited as us about the upcoming film, as the veteran velour vendors have teamed up with the fairytale creators at Disney to produce a dreamy tracksuit collection inspired by Belle. 


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Ideal for an off-duty Disney princess, the tracksuit tops take some not-so-subtle inspiration from the classic cartoon.

The designers came up with a gorgeous stained glass window design for the navy jacket, which is emblazoned with 5300 Swarovski crystals. 

The jacket might be cute, but it comes with a regal price tag, coming in at €839.26. 

Stained Glass Rose Robertson Jacket, €839.26, Beauty From Within Robertson Jacket, €719.02

The limited edition collection also includes a yellow velour hoodie, which we could totally see Belle throwing over her ball gown if she nipped outside for some air at the ball. 

The uber-fancy trackies are a bit out of our price range, but a girl can dare to dream, right?

After all, that's what fairytales are for. 



The noughties are generally considered to be one of the most sartorially starved eras, with chunky highlights and low rise everything. 

Von Dutch trucker caps and the OC were life, and Paris Hilton reigned on high as the ultimate fashionista around.  

If you were feeling fancy (or your parents gave into your perpetual pleas) you may have been the proud owner of a Juicy Couture matching tracksuit.


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In an ode to the era, Kylie Jenner opted to don a black velour Juicy tracksuit on Instagram, reworked by high end designer Vetements.

The brand debuted some reworked Juicy pieces in their S/S17 collection, and they went viral, instantly becoming the most talked about pieces in the line.

While all laughed and appreciated the nostalgia at the time, the fact that the look has just been adopted by one of the most influential young celebrities in the world places the Juicy tracksuit firmly in the risk category of making a comeback. 

Back in the noughties, style queen of the era Paris Hilton championed the tacky trend, wearing her rainbow of matching synthetic two-pieces with the hottest footwear of the time, high wedged flip flops.#NeverForget

The velour pieces were worn by every celeb worth their salt, everywhere from the red carpet to the Starbucks run.

The new version of the Juicy tracksuit is more streamlined, with a modern tapered leg and much less diamontes.

The new Juicy Couture bits are officially available to the public via ASOS, and one thing that hasn't changed about the coordinated athleisure wear is the hefty price tag, standing at about €300 for the set. 

We wont have a cent left over for Juicy Tube lip gloss and a set of chunky highlights. 



Ahh the noughties – when you went to the hairdresser actually looking for stripey highlights and coloured velour tracksuits were literally everything.

If you've always fancied looking like Kim Kardashian back when she was Paris Hilton's assistant, listen up –  the legendary Juicy Couture tracksuits are back.

The brand – which closed its US stores in 2014 – is teaming up with famed department store Bloomingdale's to relaunch its formerly coveted velour tracksuits as part of the #TrackIsBack campaign. 

The limited designer capsule collection will come in seven different colours – one for every day of the week? – and there'll even be a choice of fit or flare leg.

The collection will be available both in Bloomies and online from July.

All you need now is a pair of Ugg boots and a handbag-loving chihuahua.

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If you've never owned a Juicy Couture tracksuit, then you definitely knew someone that did.

The high-end sweats with the 'J' zipper was the unofficial uniform of the early naughties – and bonus points if you wore them with Uggs. 

The styles came in every colour imaginable and there was even a terrycloth version for hot summer days. And for those of you who really digged the trend probably had the word 'JUICY' written across the bum (classy!). 

Yes, whether you were a Hollywood celeb or a secondary school student, these tracksuits were worn and loved across the globe. 

But as fashion took on new heights (thanks god), we said goodbye to the Juicy trackie. The outfit that once topped our Christmas lists and symbolised our cool-girl status now clutters the racks of TK Maxx, marked with a glaring SALE sticker. 

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London announced a new exhibition that will open in April 2016, named, Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear.

And sitting alongside glorious antique corsets, 18th century bloomers and the sheer naked dress worn by Kate Moss in 1993, is the 2004 version of the Juicy Couture tracksuit. In bubblegum pink, of course.

Our favourite thing to wear ten years ago is now an exhibition piece in a museum. Anybody else feeling old?!