We NEED Aungier Danger’s delish Pride doughnuts right now

Pride is upon us, with the Dublin LGBTQ Pride festival culminating today with the Pride parade and a day of festivities. 

Many Dublin institutions like Dublin Bus have taken it upon themselves to show their support to the Irish LGBTQ community, and one very popular Dublin doughnut shop has done the same. 


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Aungier Danger took to social media to share their delightful and delicious rainbow doughnuts, decked out especially for pride. 

The doughnuts don't just have rainbow icing, oh no. 

They actually have a mesmerising twisted rainbow dough inside. topped with white icing and rainbow sprinkles. 

So, if you're feeling peckish at the pride parade today, you know where to go for the perfect Insta foodie pic.

We'd be rushing down before these bad boys sell out.