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Those of us who have worked in office environments know that there's always someone on the team from time to time who doesn't take the job too seriously.

Whether they like to do their makeup in the elevator mirror before work to hide the hangover or come down with far too many 'colds' in order to mask their late night-induced croaky voices, stumbling upon a session moth in the workplace can be a correspondingly frustrating and amusing feat. 


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Comedian Emma Doran has condensed the plight of the workplace session moth in her latest Facebook skit and it had our office in stitches.

From her prolonged trips to the loo to her terrible tardiness – we've all known one in our lifetime.

Check it out for yourself below: 



Let’s be honest: we’ve all been there.

In the days, weeks and months before word lands that you’re an official couple, you and the guy you’re dating dance a merry dance on a foundation of mixed messages, perceived slights and confusing commentary.

And who do you turn to during this time? Your BFF, obviously.

Calling on her to decipher text messages, analyse conversations and provide support while you watch him from a distance, your wingwoman is made seriously work during this time.

And if anyone can do justice to this limbo land, it’s Emma Doran.

Taking to Facebook with a video which frankly looks like it was taken directly out of our own life stories, the comic illustrates the lengths we’ll go to figure out exactly where we stand with the guy we swiped right with.

Ladies, take a look at this.



Turning 30 is a pretty big milestone in anyone’s language.

It’s a birthday which suggests you need to leave the hedonistic days of your twenties behind you, and gird yourself for a life of drudgery.

Most 30-year-olds would, however, insist that little has changed since they entered their third decade, and they’re the people Emma Doran has a bone to pick with.

The comedian has taken it upon herself to impart some words of wisdom to anyone born in 1987 or before, and we’ll be honest, it struck a chord.

Not only are certain 30-year-olds we know guilty of using terms like ‘bae’ and ‘yolo’, even more refuse to leave the Oz dream behind, and still hark back to their glory days Down Under.

If you’re 30 or over and of a sensitive disposition, it’s worth noting that these words might sting a little…



Female friendships are pretty complex; there’s the standard friendship and then there’s the BFF friendship.

And as you all know, the closer you are to someone, the more truthful, candid and downright insulting you will be.

While exchanges with friends generally result in the presentation of a sugar-coated version of your life, conversations with best friends are very, very different.

Diluted domestic scenarios are shared between friends while cold hard truths about family members are tossed between best friends.

Compliments flow between friends while insults take flight between best friends.

Women know the drill, but thanks to Hollywood, it’s no surprise that men have a very different understanding of what goes on when two women meet up to catch up.

Thankfully, Emma Doran and Jen Hatton are here to set them straight.

Look familiar?!



Hell hath no fury like a retailer worker dealing with a nightmare of a customer.

If you've ever worked on a shop floor, a recent Facebook offering from Jen Hatton and Emma Doran is bound to resonate with you.

And resonate hard, ladies.

From customers who assume you're a mathematician to members of the public who think you have all the time in the world, the following two videos are some of the most accurate representations of the life of a retail worker we have ever seen.

Oh, and don't get us started on customers who show up five minutes before closing for a leisurely browse…

We'll let Jen and Emma take it from here.



With debate raging nationwide over the decision to put ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital in the hands of religious order, The Sisters of Charity, Emma Doran has decided to tap into the current narrative.

And Facebook users are all over it this morning.

With tongue firmly in cheek, the comedian addresses the concerns of the Irish public amid the high-profile controversy, and plays an absolute blinder in the process.

Satire at its most succinct, this two-minute video looks at an issue which has troubled thousands of us in recent weeks.

Take a look at this…



For a city of its relatively diminutive size, Dublin has one fairly well-known and highly-publicised divide, and it comes in the form of the great Northside / Southside division.

Oh, this capital city is divided by more than just the river Liffey; it's divided by accent, the use of certain terms, and the wearing of certain clothes.

Using the classic morning-after-the-night-before postmortem as a platform, Emma Doran and Jen Hatton tapped into this divide, and Facebook is all over it.

We'll let the ladies themselves take it from here…




We’ll admit it, there are certain points in the day when small talk is just not on our agenda.

It’s tough enough with colleagues and acquaintances, but when a stranger takes it upon themselves to approach us during our daily commute, we don’t feel we should have to take responsibility for our actions.

Our earphones are in, our face is stuck in our phone and our body is angled away from everyone else, and yet certain people still see that as an invitation for a chinwag.

Heading them off at the pass, Emma Doran has created a fool-proof way of ensuring you’re left the hell alone while waiting on your next bus.

We’ll let the woman herself take it from here…



Mass is still a part and parcel of Irish society, and not going at Easter or Christmas can be considered an atrocious offence by the parish.

However, heading to mass can be a bit of an ordeal. 

There's the whole what to wear question, and the panic when you realise that you're actually expected to sit up and listen to the Gospel according to whoever rather than scroll through Instagram for the hour. 

Luckily, Emma Doran's new comedy video is your ultimate field guide on how to handle that mandatory mass. 

"We've all had to do it, we've all had to go to mass for some sort of family reason, but I have some tips that will hopefully help you pull off the look," she says, before bestowing upon us the most blessed of all mass hacks to help us through.

First up, Emma advises rocking that noughties foundation lips look, so that know one knows you're completely bluffing your way through those prayers (seriously, we can't be the only ones who still aren't used to the new format of the prayers?) 

Secondly, she recommends donning some nice, chunky bangles to clatter together when the donation basket comes around to distract people from knowing that you're not putting a cent in the thing. 

And finally, no mass outfit is complete without a crutch, to avoid the whole sitting/kneeling/standing debacle.

Check out Emma's full repertoire of tips for yourself: 

Feature image: Emma Doran/YouTube

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Look, we've all been there, but knowing that you're not alone doesn't make it any easier when the people who are meant to have your back let you down again and again, right?

When it seems like your relationship with someone is unbalanced, and you're the only one actively participating, it's not long before you crack.

Tearful phone calls, frustrated accusations and the support of true friends is how most of us handle the disappointment, and Jen Hatton and Emma Doran are no different.

In a Facebook video which has been viewed more than 20,000 since its upload, the Facebook personalities perfectly illustatrate what it's like to feel at the end of your tether… with a certain someone.

We'll let the girls take it from here…




There are few among us who haven't done a little 'investigating' on social media in our time.

Whether it's trawling Facebook groups for the kid you sat beside in Junior Infants or launching a fullblown search for your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, we've all been there.

And when you eventually come up short, you turn to your mate who could easily establish her own P.I service, right?

Reminding us that we're not alone in our endeavours, Emma Doran and Jen Hatton shared a video which perfectly illustrates the lengths we go to and the conclusions we jump to when our curiosity gets the better of us.

We'll let these ladies take it from here…



No matter how certain you are that the right decision has been made, the aftermath of a break-up is far from plain sailing.

Whether you instigated the split or not, it's not always easy to deal with the feelings of loss, confusion and frustration that follow the demise of a relationship.

So, you lean on your friends and family for support… and then promptly ignore every bit of advice they dole out, right?

Hitting the nail on the head with this one, Jen Hatton and Emma Doran illustrate the various stages a person goes through when reflecting on a broken relationship over a bottle (or two) of vino.

We'll be honest here, this cut a little close to the bone…