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Women have long been told to hide their natural body hair, even if it means beginning the expensive and often painful habit of shaving or waxing half your body all the time.

I became completely normalised to harbour the notion that you are only attractive to men without any body hair at all, like a naked mole rat. However, the times are a-changing.

Women across the world and celebrities alike are embracing body hair, with some even choosing to dye their armpit pair (Miley Cyrus, who else). The movement has now been pushed to the forefront by Billie razors.

The brand released their 'Project Body Hair' video one year ago, which was the first ever razor ad to show female body hair.

"We very much wanted to not only acknowledge that body hair exists, and to show it," Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley told Glamour. "But we also wanted to move the conversation around the message that razor brands have been sharing with women—and that shaving is a choice, not an expectation.”

They've now smashed even more taboos by becoming the first ad to show pubic hair. Ideas of what constitutes beauty are definitely changing, courtesy of women like Janelle Monae and Ashley Graham.

Billie wants to normalise pubic hair with its newest campaign, Red, White, and You Do You, to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Image: Billie

The video shows the pubic hair of models in various states, from a total clean shave to a full bush. It's a pioneering idea, with the campaign being inspired by the spirit of last year's video but with a summer vibe.

"If we’re not acknowledging body hair exists, it’s a form of body shaming,” says Gooley, who believes that grooming is another way to force women to be "beach body ready".

“There has been this shame around body hair, and a lot of that is the shaving category talking about the topic as a problem that needs to be fixed with the product they're trying to sell. We didn’t want to be part of that conversation.”


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The director and photographer of the ad campaign, Ashley Armitage, who also directed 'Project Body Hair', agrees with Gooley wholeheartedly:

"In our film we wanted to normalize pubic hair because it’s exactly that—normal,” she says. Authenticity is deeply lacking in the advertising and beauty industry,

“Body hair grows on people of all genders, and it doesn’t suddenly become 'gross' or 'unhygienic' when it is on a woman, trans woman, or nonbinary individual. We wanted to show that body hair is a choice; shave it, wax it, grow it, or do a bit of both. All are valid."


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The razor brand chose not to showcase a single actual razor in the ad, but the female-focus feels beautifully candid and truthful. Breaking stigmas has never felt this good.

“I think for us it’s always been about putting our audience ahead of our product,” says Gooley. The brand have received huge support on social media, and sold out of razors after the video.

“With Project Body Hair we showed women with body hair and without body hair. We actually had the razor in that one, because we were making this statement and calling out the shaving category. But we were also saying that’s a choice, and with this new video, it's more of a celebration of that choice.”

Feature image: Billie/Unsplash



Women don't always have time to shave their legs — and frankly, sometimes we just don't want to.

Taking care of body hair is a personal choice, one that actress and singer Bella Thorne was shamed for by online trolls this week. 

One "fan" posted photos of the 19-year-old on Twitter, complimenting her but at the same time slating her for not shaving her legs.

The photos, which have since been deleted, were zoomed in on the star's calves and lower legs to show that she had some body hair there.

The tweet described Bella as “hot beautiful sexy perf” but then said "wtf SHAVE YOUR LEGS.”

The star clapped back at the hater, and replied with an adamant "NEVER," in a tweet that was liked over six thousand times.


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Other social media followers were quick to point out that it is a woman's own choice to shave or not to shave, and called the troll out for his "misogeny."

"You guys can walk with legs like that but girls can't? She can do whatever she wants this is not your business," said one.

"Since when is it ok to tell people what they can do with their bodies?" said another.


A French teenager has kicked off a new Twitter trend which supports women who choose not to remove their body hair after she was teased at school for not shaving.

According to the Mail Online, 16-year-old Adele Labo started the hashtag #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils – which means “Princesses have hair” – to show women that the removal of underarm, leg and facial hair should be viewed as a choice rather than a necessity.

Since the tag first emerged, it has been used over 25,000 times on Twitter as women take to social media to share pictures of their hair.


In a video shared by AJ+, the Lille teen said: “I created the hashtag to encourage people to post about their body hair and relax, be comfortable with their own body.”

“And I wanted women in general to not feel obliged to shave their hair but to feel that they have a choice.”

“In society, the woman has to be shaved, soft, beautiful.  We ask the woman to be natural and herself but we impose a lot of stigma on [hair] and it bothers me.”


Adele was keen to stress that the movement is about acknowledging that the removal of body hair should be viewed as a personal choice rather than some form of social obligation and said she is not implying that all women should stop shaving and waxing in favour of a more natural look.

She said: “[Remove your hair] if you really want to.  But if you feel obliged to do it, don’t.”

“The movement is not at all to prevent women from [shaving].  It’s really to tell women they have the choice.  They shouldn’t feel forced.”


“They shouldn’t feel dirty or ashamed for not doing it because it is normal.”

The tag has launched quite the debate online with some Twitter users saying they wish they'd had Adele’s courage when they were a teen, while others have described the trend as “disgusting and foolish”.


A recent survey has concluded that Irish men really don't like excess body hair on women. 

According to the Therapie Clinic who conducted the survey, nearly three-quarters of the 254 men questioned said that they would most likely not date a woman who failed to take care of her body hair. 


Furthermore, 52% said they disliked hair on women and a further half said they would actively encourage women to get their body hair removed. 

And while it would be very easy to start giving out about Irish men at this point, it seems that Irish women can be equally critical. 

Only 6% of surveyed women admitted they found very hairy chests attractive and the majority said they found excess back hair to be extremely off-putting. 

And it seems that 4 out of every 10 women would encourage their man to tame his bodily hair. 

Yep, while we do not like these results, it seems that the women are just as bad as the men for encouraging grooming. 



The thoughts of someone’s armpit hair coming within 10 foot can cause us to break out into a cold sweat, but why?

It seems that there is a study on everything now after Breanne Fahs, a professor at Arizona State, published a paper that studies women’s disgust of body hair, including their own.

The study which was published in the Psychology of Women Quarterly saw Breanne asking 20 women how they felt about shaving, other women’s shaving and body hair. While shaving was considered to be a bit of a nuisance – something we can all relate to – body hair was considered gross.

One respondent said: “I think women who don’t shave are a little gross. Because sometimes, like if people don’t shave their entire lives, that’s just a little too much to handle for me. I always shave. I don’t like hair. I shave everything.”

The study also asked women to grow body hair for 10 weeks and record it in a diary. Apparently they got extra credit in Breanne’s class if they did it – not sure extra credit would be enough of an incentive for us…

Extracts from the journals showed how the participants felt about body hair with some calling it “gross hair”.  Some were even told that they were gross and unclean, which we think is a little bit mean and uncalled for.

Unfortunately, while men are (usually) applauded for their body hair, women aren’t. However, it seems things are changing – remember, Madonna’s body hair selfie? Yeah we can’t get the image out of our head either!



Following in the footsteps of Julia Roberts and Madonna, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has posted a picture of her excessive body hair.

It’s not what you think though – she was just sharing a picture of the beauty team prepping her for a scene on her hit TV show.

Kaley is being covered in body hair for a scene on The Big Bang Theory where Penney ends up involved in a low-budget movie, Serial Ape-ist.

It’s so surreal to see the actress covered in hair while wearing a hot pink top and hair rollers.

Can’t wait to see this episode!


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