Top tips on how to make waxing (virtually) pain FREE

Of all the beauty appointments women make throughout the year, booking in for a wax is up there with the dreaded dentist.

It's painful and uncomfortable, not to mention potentially embarrassing – though many of us decide it's also a necessary evil. 

Still, there are definitely a few tips and tricks to make your waxing experience as pain-free as possible:


Exfoliate and moisturise

For best (and less painful) results, get into the habit of exfoliating your whole body. This removes dry and dead skin which will not only make waxing easier but will also prevent ingrown hairs.

Try to moisturise daily as well because if your skin is too dry, waxing will really hurt.


Keep it regular

We know it's horrible but it's a simple fact that the more you wax, the easier and less painful it will be. Your hair grows in cycles so if you book in for a wax every four to six weeks, it will ensure you are hair-free for longer. Over time, the hairs will grow weaker too – which means much less ouch.



Hair needs to be between 30mm and 60mm to ensure the wax can grip on and leave you with a smooth finish. If you go with the hair too short it won't work and if the hair is too long, it will take ages and hurt… A LOT. 


Hot Vs strip

Hot wax stiffens on the skin and is then peeled off; it has a reputation for not hurting as it clings to the hair rather than the skin.

Strip wax is put onto the skin and removed with a piece of paper or cloth, although slightly more painful, it's better for removing fine hairs. For a long lasting, smooth finish, ask for a combination of the two. 


And if it's still too much…

If the discomfort of waxing is still too much, head to your local pharmacy and ask for a topical anaesthetic cream. These creams are available over the counter and are known to relieve some of the pain. Apply to the area you're waxing about a half hour before your appointment to numb the skin.