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The Late Late Toy Show: the one time of the year that it is perfectly acceptable to stay in on a Friday night to watch The Late Late Show.

Whether you preferred Gay, Pat or Tubs himself, most of us would be quick to admit that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the Toy Show.

And the following best bits are EXACTLY why we love it so much

1. John Joe, the horologist

We were left speechless when he began talking about his future career as a horologist. Yup, we'd never heard of it until John Joe either!

2. That time Domhnall met his hero

Domhnall was completely unprepared when Robbie Keane came out on the stage and surprised him. 

3. When Danielle wowed us with her knowledge of all 32 counties

Sitting on her little pink bike, she didn't even bat an eyelid. Yup, we could ALL learn a thing or two from Danielle. 

4. When Fionn stood up for small farmers everywhere 

“The tractor stops, the tractor stops”; And, yes, he’s got that rapper stare down to a tee.

5. 'Any craic?' 'Níl'

That time Ryan was put in his place by Alex Meehan. Alex – the legend. 

6. Or when Toby met Girls Aloud – and looked like he wanted to cry 

He even managed to knock back Kimberley Walsh's offer of a kiss.  



Viewers all over the country were glued to the screens on Friday night, with The Late Late Toy Show totally taking over everyone's television schedules, and for good reason.

A record amount of viewers from over 100 countries all over the world tuned into RTÉ Player to catch a glimpse of the infamous Irish show, with a total of 1.5 million watching it on RTÉ One over the weekend.

This makes it officially the most watched programme on Irish TV in 2018, and cements it's place as the nation's television event of the year. 1.3 million viewers watched this year, making it an increase of 200,000 people.


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The show excelled itself this year, especially with their chosen theme of The Greatest Showman, which was hugely popular with both viewers, participants and host Ryan Tubridy.

1.3 million people watched the show live, which was an incredible 74 percent share of the TV audience during this time period.  The hashtag #LateLateToyShow even trended worldwide on Twitter.

The show had a total reach on RTÉ One of over 1.8 million viewers who tuned in for a minute or more on Friday night, some viewers on the Player logged on from Myanmar, Haiti, Mongolia and Burundi.

Ryan Tubridy gushed about the evening, saying: "I am blown away every single year at the reaction we get to The Late Late Toy Show."

"As a team, we are so honoured that people open their arms and welcome us in for such a magical night, and I sincerely hope it was as much fun for our viewers as it was for me on Friday."

"The production team and the children are what make the Toy Show special and memorable and I want to thank everyone involved, from little star Michael to our heroes Grace and Scott, to the set and costume designers. I’m delighted viewers loved it as much as we did."


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They truly outdid themselves this year, the kids just get cuter and cuter every year.

We can't wait to see what they do for 2019.


Ryan Tubridy is delivering a massive treat this week for RTÉ viewers, both for rugby fanatics and the 1990s generation.

Fresh from his heroic performance on Saturday which saw Ireland defeat the All Blacks, man of the match Peter O'Mahony is dropping by RTÉ One studios to discuss the immense victory, and what the team has planned for 2019's World Cup.

It's fair to say the entire nation was screaming at the TV, or else hiding behind the couch from the sheer tension of the match, where Ireland beat New Zealand for only the second time ever by 16:9 points, and Peter O'Mahony played a massive role.


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Next up: it's Boyzone, every 1990s Irish gal's dream.

After selling over 25 million records, it's fair to say that Boyzone have enjoyed phenomenal success.

With several number 1 albums and numerous top-selling singles, the boys are set to embark on their farewell tour after 25 years, we are SO THERE.

Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy will be telling Ryan Tubridy why it’s time to say goodbye.

Professor Brian Cox is stopping by, continuing on his journey to make complex scientific ideas understandable to all. 

The charismatic scientist joins Ryan to explain his passion for unpicking the infinite universe around us, and tells us why he's going on tour to bring science on the road.

Whether you're a nerdy fan or a total science novice, he's a fascinating guest to watch speak.

Fr Tony Coote was diagnosed earlier this year with Motor Neurone Disease and chose to walk the length of Ireland to raise awareness and funds for sufferers.

He will be speaking to Ryan on the show alongside Professor Orla Hardiman, consultant neurologist at Beaumont Hospital. Fr Tony intends to discuss the success of “Walk While You Can” and how he is adapting to life with the disease.


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Some of the entrants for Carer of the Year will also be guests on tomorrow nights show, so it's the perfect chance to hear about the amazing work they do in incredibly intense circumstances. 

Mario Rosenstock will be providing the comedy element with his renowned impressions, and music will be from The Stunning who are joined by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

There is also a pair of tickets to next week’s Late Late Toy Show up for grabs in the viewer prize, perfect for the kids to come along to.

The Late Late Show airs on RTÉ One this Friday, November 23 at 9.35pm.

You won't want to miss this one.

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Last night's Late Late Toy Show has been hailed as one of the best in living memory.

The entire country was glued to their TV screens,  and at least once, there wasn't a dry eye in  the house (you know what we're talking about.)

The show unites families around Ireland each year as they descend on their living rooms to eat chocolate and survey what toys will be flying off the shelves and landing under trees in 25 days time.

As well as watching the show, Twitter is the place to be for some epic running commentary:

And a bonus tweet from across the pond, just because:


The biggest TV event of the year is almost upon us and we cannot contain ourselves!  

The Late Late Toy Show is coming to RTÉ One and on RTÉ Player, live and on-demand, this Friday from 9:35pm (Irish Time).  With viewers in over 100 countries around the world primed to watch the show, tell your friends and family abroad they need not miss out as The Late Late Toy Show will be available to watch worldwide for free, live and on-demand on RTÉ Player, across Desktop, iOS and Android apps

Ahead of The Late Late Toy Show host Ryan Tubridy said: “One of the many great things about The Late Late Toy Show is that it is still one of those rare TV events where practically the entire country sits down to collectively enjoy it.  

"Even better, Irish people – and their friends – around the world get to watch along at the same time. People watched in 103 countries around the world last year. For that couple of hours on a Friday night we are all connected by the madness that is this utterly unique show. We have something very special planned this year and I think it is going to make a lot of people smile, no matter where they are in the world."

In preparation for the main event, viewers at home and abroad can get in training with the essential The Late Late Toy Show collection on RTÉ Player featuring some of the most noteworthy moments throughout the years. 

Revisit some of last years’ golden moments in The Late Late Toy Show 2016 before a quick recap on a selection of the most fantastic opening numbers over the years in The Late Late Toyshow Showstopping Openers. 

Remember that time Toby Kane from Wicklow played it cool when Girls Aloud surprised him?  Reminisce on some of the celebrity guests that have surprised their unsuspecting fans in The Late Late Toy Show Famous Faces. Take a moment to honour the true heroes of The Late Late Toy Show, the children. 

From pint sized toy testers to tremendously talented kids, check out the ‘gogglebox’ style clip where some of the shows past performers and toy experts take a look back at themselves all those years ago in The Late Late Toyshow Talkback.  

The Late Late Toy Show Collection is available now on RTÉ Player and viewers around the world can watch The Late Late Toy Show for free live and on demand on RTÉ Player, across Desktop, iOS and Android.


Whether it's choir singing, Irish dancing or musicians with more talent in their tiny fingernails that any of us could ever muster, The Late Late Toy Show plays host to some of Ireland's most talented youngsters. 

If you have a blossoming Mariah Carey or David Blaine in your midst, it may be time to put them forward for theToy Show. 

Applications have been extended for another week, so this is the last chance to get them on the 2017 show.

Image result for late late toy show

'I am really looking forward to hitting the road again and taking the Toy Show to the kids who make it such essential viewing,' Late Late Toy Show host Ryan Tubridy said.

'We have unearthed some brilliant performers on our previous trips around Ireland but I'm absolutely positive that there are still some real gems to be discovered.'

Down through the years, The Late Late Toy Show has been defined by the wonderful young people who have been involved.

Who could forget rapping farmer Fionn, John Joe the horologist, and Domhnall meeting his idol Robbie Keane?

 Not to mention the moment that Ed Sheeran surprised 11-year-old Aimee Keogh, leaving her (and the audience) speechless?

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All applicants need to do is download the application form at www.rte.ie/latelate, record a short video of themselves performing their talent, put that video on a DVD or USB key and send it in to The Late Late Toy Show Auditions, PO Box 170, RTÉ, Dublin 4. 

Then, chosen applicants will be asked to come in to audition before the final cut is made. 

May the odds be even in their favour. 



If you applied for tickets to the Late Late Toy Show but don’t fancy your chances in this year’s lottery, then you might want to hedge your bets by getting a little creative with everyone's favourite festive character.

Giving the public the chance to win two tickets to one of the biggest nights in the festive calendar, the folk behind the RTÉ institution have launched the RyanElf competition.

So, if you and your mate want a pair of seats on December 2, all you need to do is include the RyanElf in a special occasion, and then share that snap on social media using the #ToyShowSnap hashtag.

Whether you decide to bring the RyanElf to a local house party, pose alongside him at a famous landmark or have him photobomb an otherwise perfect picture, you have the chance to score two tickets to the show, so what are you waiting for?

Eager to see where the public will take his mini me, the man himself has given us free rein, saying: "I'm encouraging everyone to be as fun and creative as possible with the RyanElf – I'm looking forward to seeing where he ends up!"

You heard him, ladies, Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some brainstorming to do.


The Late Late Toy Show is easily one of the most popular nights on the Irish TV calendar.

Both young and old alike tune in to see what trouble Tubbers will get into, but as well as that, the talent is a huge part of the show.

Kids from all over the country want to perform on it, and now for the first time ever, we're going to get a little sneak peek into what actually goes on behind-the-scenes.

RTÉ are filming a three-part documentary which will look into what goes on in the audition phase, much like the smaller 2015 documentary, The Late Late Toy Show Unwrapped.

Hillary Jones, the show's producer, said in a press release: “We really want to capture the joy and excitement of the performers taking part in The Late Late Toy Show.

“Last year, The Late Late Toy Show Unwrapped, gave viewers a small glimpse of the regional auditions as we looked back over the history of the show but this year we’re bringing them right into the heart of the process.

“For the children auditioning this is a once in a lifetime experience. We’re aiming to give viewers a real insight in how the biggest night on Irish television comes together by following some of the little stars auditioning to take part and going behind the scenes with the team who put the show together.”

The documentary will air a week before the Toy Show, November 25.


With retailers flogging selection boxes in September and department stores unveiling their festive windows in October, it can be fairly easy to assume a Grinch-like attitude when it comes to Christmas.

The older you get the earlier it seems to start, but if there’s one thing that can capture the magic of a childhood Christmas, it’s the Late Late Toy Show.

An Irish institution, the chatshow’s nod to the magic of Yuletide is the one thing that ALWAYS gets the ball rolling for us.

And according to the good folk behind the RTÉ extravaganza, this year’s is set to be the best yet with the Toy Show team already travelling the highways and byways of Ireland in search of the country’s best young performers.

And if that wasn’t enough to reel you in, there’s also whisperings that the more creative among us have been gong hell for leather creating a spectacular opening number.

“This year’s opening number is the most ambitious we have ever staged,” said Late Late Toy Show producer Katherine Drohan

“More than 60 students from IADT Dun Laoghaire are working on special pieces to feature in the opening of the show. Sworn to secrecy, these students have been working tirelessly on the project for weeks now.”

And if we sound excited, we’ve nothing on a certain Mr Tubridy who is ony dying to get stuck in.

“I am tremendously excited to be taking the show on the road again. We did this for the first time last year and we uncovered some hidden gems that we really wouldn’t have discovered had we not taken the Toy Show to them.”

“Their contribution to last year’s show was immense. There is so much untapped talent in this country and I’m really looking forward to getting out there and finding it,” he added.

Auditions will take place at The Imperial Hotel in Cork on October 24, The Ardilaun Hotel in Galway on October 25 and Ballymascanlon House Hotel in Dundalk on October 26.

Oh my God ladies, it’s actually happening!


The Late Late Toy Show airs  this Friday and thus the nation – young and old alike – is consumed by waves of excited nostalgia. 

However, amid the talk of toys, celebrity guests and Ryan's jumper (obvz), we're going to embrace our inner Scrooge for a brief moment.

What we are about to do is, of course, akin to treason… but here we bring you the top eight reasons why this year we flat-out refuse to engage in Late Late Toy Show hype.

1. We apply EVERY year, but not once have we scored tickets
Damn you, lottery.


2. We're always a little bit too jealous of the stage school kids
It was acceptable when we were seven, but not so much now. Billie Barry = the dream.


3. Gay Byrne/Pat Kenny never once replied to our requests to be a toy tester
Apparently you have to audition or something.


4. The audience's free gifts unleash uncontrollable levels of jealousy in us
"They ALL get a remote control pet pug?" *throws TV out window*


5. We're on edge with nerves in case one of the toys doesn't work
Those poor four-year-olds (and us), scarred for life.


6. We have unreasonably high expectations after Ed Sheeran appeared last year
All the happy tears.


7. The Toy Show officially signals the beginning of Christmas
Which means we have to start our Christmas shopping. UGH.


8. And plus, there's still nobody who can top John Joe Brennan.
Our favourite future horologist.



The Late Late Toy Show is a little over a month away, and of course we're already planning a night in with Christmas jumpers and copious amounts of Cadbury Roses.

But one lucky sod could actually be part of the annual show's studio audience without having to apply, thanks to a new competition launched by RTÉ today.

For the first time, the Toy Show is going on the road, to check out the singing and dancing talent in cities across Ireland.

All you have to do to enter the new competition is to snap a picture of the Late Late Toy Show car as it travels the country, and post it on Twitter or Facebook.

The car is bright red, so it's hard to miss:

Simply tag your snap with #latelatetoyshow, and you could skip the queue of 200,000 applicants to win yourself two tickets to the big night at the end of November.

Ryan and his red wheels hit Cork today, with auditions to follow in Athlone on October 13, Sligo on October 14 and Dublin on October 19.

Thousands of audition tapes were submitted to RTÉ over the last few weeks, with hopefuls from all 32 counties attending the regional auditions this week.

Close to 1.25m people watched the Late Late Toy Show last year – that's a quarter of the population, btw – with 269 performers and toy testers taking part.




Interested in tickets for The Late Late Toy Show?

Of COURSE you are – we all are!

Tomorrow, 10th October, RTÉ are opening applications and you can apply for tickets to The Toy Show through their online application form.

Alternatively, you can send a letter to:

Late Late Toy Show Tickets,
RTÉ, Donnybrook,
Dublin 4.

Fingers crosses, everyone – this could be your year! Sx