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The Late Late Toy Show: the one time of the year that it is perfectly acceptable to stay in on a Friday night to watch The Late Late Show.

Whether you preferred Gay, Pat or Tubs himself, most of us would be quick to admit that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the Toy Show.

And the following best bits are EXACTLY why we love it so much

1. John Joe, the horologist

We were left speechless when he began talking about his future career as a horologist. Yup, we'd never heard of it until John Joe either!

2. That time Domhnall met his hero

Domhnall was completely unprepared when Robbie Keane came out on the stage and surprised him. 

3. When Danielle wowed us with her knowledge of all 32 counties

Sitting on her little pink bike, she didn't even bat an eyelid. Yup, we could ALL learn a thing or two from Danielle. 

4. When Fionn stood up for small farmers everywhere 

“The tractor stops, the tractor stops”; And, yes, he’s got that rapper stare down to a tee.

5. 'Any craic?' 'Níl'

That time Ryan was put in his place by Alex Meehan. Alex – the legend. 

6. Or when Toby met Girls Aloud – and looked like he wanted to cry 

He even managed to knock back Kimberley Walsh's offer of a kiss.  



While we may never meet them in person, there are some celebrity couples we just develop an attachment to.

And just because the reasons behind this phenomenon still remain a mystery, it doesn’t mean our feelings when such romances end are any less real.

To mark the international day of mourning which has been unofficially launched with the demise of Brangelina, we’ve gathered together some of the former couple’s most romantic moments (sob).

1. The Beginning:

While this may be a touchy one for those on Team Jen, Brangelina have looked pretty loved up since they filmed Mrs. & Mrs. Smith way back in 2004.


2. When Brad adopted Angelina's kids, Maddox and Zahara:

Which marked the beginning of their impressive family.


3. The 2007 Golden Globes:

One of the first major award ceremonies they attended as a couple.


4. That time they got lost in each other's eyes:


5. And when they were snapped whispering sweet nothings:


6. Cuddling couple:

This was at the Japanese premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


7. Smooching on set:

While Ang was filming In the Land of Blood and Honey.


8. Suited and booted:

Twinning at the BAFTAs in 2014.


9. Their 2012 engagement:

The day we thought they'd be together forever.


10. And their 2014 wedding:

Who could forget that dress?


Feat image: Getty

Images 1-10: ew.com, REX, AP, Shutterstock, WireImage, WireImage, FameFlynet, Getty, WireImage, Celebrity Bug



He may not be the coolest, or most stylish judge on the X-Factor, but we can’t help but love Louis Walsh. It’s just a pity his ITV bosses don’t feel the same.

The Mayo man has admitted that he’s on “borrowed time” as the only reason he’s back on the show this year is because of Simon Cowell:

“Simon wanted me back this year. I don’t think ITV did.

“But Simon and I work well together and he knows that I love my job and I love music. I’m on borrowed time and I realise that.”

Pfft. Don’t listen to them Louis! We love you – and here's why:

He tried to be as cool as Kelly Rowland, and failed miserably. But he didn't care.

He's not afraid of a bit of over-exaggeration, which always makes things more exciting!

And he keeps on smiling even when Sharon throws water in his face, cause he's such great craic!

No one does back handed compliments like Louis.

And he's not afraid to show his emotions, like when Melanie McCabe returned – our hearts damn near broke.

If it weren't for Louis, the world would have never experienced the Jedward effect.  

And he ALWAYS sticks up for us Irish!




The Emmys recognise excellence in the television industry, but Beyoncé isn’t in the television industry so you can’t help but wonder how they’re going to entertain us for a couple of hours. Well, they gave it a good shot! Here are the bits of the 2014 Emmys that you're going to want to know about:

They may not have had Beyoncé, but they did have Amy Phoeler, who was introduced as Beyoncé by host Seth Meyers, and strutted up to the stage in true Beyoncé style:

Julie Louis-Dreyfus got a very unexpected kiss from Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston on the way up to accept her Emmy, which was very, very strange (he wanted to remind her of the time they kissed on Seinfield – awkward!)

This exchange between True Detective stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey:

Harrelson: "So you won an Oscar, Sexiest Man Alive, and now you want the Emmy too? I think that might be kinda a bit greedy.”

McConaughey: "You should have gratitude for what you have and not envy what I do.”

Harrelson: “Well, I’m grateful you had all the plagiarised parts."

Eh, what?!

Gwen Stefani messed up her words, which is always fun.

Sofia Vergara was made stand on a pedestal and spin, to give us something pretty to look at, which resulted in some serious backlash from feminists everywhere.

Julia Roberts got an awful shock when her face flashed on screen for no apparent reason.

Lena Dunham wore this dress:

Hayden Panettiere revealed she’s having a baby girl! Awh!

And Billy Crystal’s moving tribute to Robin Willams was definitely the highlight of the night.

And if you're wondering who won – Breaking Bad and Modern Family were big hits, but if you run into any of the cast from Orange Is The New Black – say nothin'. They didn't do so good!