Super exciting news for Katy Perry has been confirmed!


There is very exciting news for Katy Perry and her fans today as she has officially been conformed to perform during the halftime of the Super Bowl!

The singer released a video in association with Pepsi showing her in a halftime ‘test-centre’ with all of the ideas she has come up with so far.

We really hope she goes with the glitter stadium while wrapped in bacon idea.

It looks set to be one hell of a halftime show if this promo video is anything to go by – and let’s be honest, Katy Perry isn’t one to be ‘low key’ is she?!

The star was absent at last night's American Music Awards despite winning three awards as she is currently spending time in Australia. 

Katy has been struggling with the paparazzi down there, blasting them for taking photos of her in a bikini and even calling out paparazzo Jamie Fawcett in a rather angry tweet:

Eek, we think they better think twice about messing with Katy when she doesn't want to be photographed!