How to treat sunburn

So you got a little too much sun yesterday? Seeing as we’re pretty sure your mother already gave out to you, we won’t do the whole ‘well you should have been wearing suncream’ lecture.

But we will offer advice on how to cool the pretty painful burn:

Aloe vera
Summer is definitely the right time to invest in an aloe vera plant. The sap from the plant is great at easing pain and soothing the skin.

Ice cubes
If it is really hot, put a handful of ice cubes in a bag, wrap it in a towel and press it onto the sun burnt area – don’t put the ice directly onto your skin you will burn it.

It you have some yoghurt in your fridge, apply it to the brunt area, leave to soothe the skin for about 30 minutes then rinse off in the shower.

Teabags are just good for dark circles. Simply apply cold used tea bags to the affected area to ease the pain.

Make sure you apply lots and lots of moisturiser.  You have really hurt your skin and it is crying out for some moisture right now.

Now remember, the next time you go outside, make sure you are adequately protected from the sun – a red lobster is not an attractive look.