Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just can't nail perfect tousled waves.

But fear not because Elle spoke to hair stylist, Kevin Mancuso, on what he uses to achieve polished beachy curls. And his secret? A straightener.

"The hair curls up like ribbon wrapped around a pair of scissors," says Kevin.

"The flatiron leaves a natural straight end whereas a curling iron curves under."

Here's how to master the look:

Step one

Prep your damp hair by using a body-boosting mist or light mousse. This will give your hair some added volume.


Step two

Then, blowdry your hair roughly, combing through any knots with your fingers. If you use a brush, it will look too flat.


Step three

Once your hair is dry, wind a one-inch piece around the top of your straightener, wrapping it away from your face. 

Next, gently ease your straightener down the length of your hair, and release two inches before the bottom of the strand. 


The end

For a loose texture, do a few hair flips like Beyoncé and shake out your waves. Hello perfect tousled curls!