Solange talks about her wedding day allergic reaction


Solange Knowles walked up the aisle the day before yesterday and photos of the big day created quite the stir online.

The wedding party all wore white and Solange even rode a bike to the ceremony!

However, later in the day Solange was spotted with hives covering her face and neck, and looked quite distressed.

Now, Solange has seen the funny side of every bride’s worst nightmare (after the groom not turning up, obviously) and shared a video on Instagram, writing: “Last but not least … Shout out to Bendaryl yo. Lol. NOTHING was gonna stop me from having my mother and son dance with Julez. My baby killed it and will forever smile reliving the feeling our lil happy feet together.”

Benadryl is a medication taken to aid allergic reactions – and it seems to have worked wonders for the singer as she looked happy and carefree during her dance with her 10-year-old son, Julez. 

We're glad Solange didn't let the reaction get her down!