Is there anything more attractive than a big ole set of pearly whites?

They are definitely hard to beat, that’s for sure. And we are most certainly not the only ones who think so.

According to a recent study, nine out of ten Irish women are envious of someone else’s smile, while one in five say that a good smile is the first thing they notice in an online dating profile.

With the amount of people finding love online forever on the rise, nailing the picture perfect smile has never seemed so important.

The Seapoint Clinic’s study even revealed that a massive 95 percent of women suffer from smile envy while over two thirds of woman want whiter teeth.

But it’s not just women that get the green eyed monster when they see other people’s sparkling smiles – 52 percent of men also admitted to being jealous of other’s smiles while 48 percent wished that they had straighter teeth.

A staggering 88 percent of those who answered believed that having a good smile is vital to having overall confidence and self-esteem. Now, that is a LOT of pressure to put on our chompers.

And just who do we think has the best smile overall?

According to the survey, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has the winning smile with 58 percent while our own national treasure Amy Huberman came in second with 36 percent.

Are you a little tempted to see what you would look like with a Hollywood smile? The Seapoint Clinic constantly provide treatment to people who are unhappy with their smiles and with their new digital smile design technology they can give you a clear vision of how your new smile will look after treatment.