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Many of us are looking for that perfect white smile, and while giving them an extra good scrub is sure to help, the foods you are eating could also be responsible for staining your teeth. 

Here are five foods and drinks you should try to cut down on if you want to achieve that Hollywood smile. 

1. Tea and coffee
The tannins in tea can cause staining and the outer layer of your tooth easily absorbs food and drink which causes further staining. Try to reduce your tea and coffee intake. 

2. Sauces
Similarly to tea and coffee, coloured sauces can cause staining by entering your tooth enamel.  However, some vegetables can protect your teeth from this so eat these before over indulging on rich coloured sauces. 

3. Red wine
Despite the fact that it can help to prevent gum disease, red wine is terrible for staining your teeth. Opt for white wine when possible.

4. Some fruits and vegetables
As tempting and healthy as they are, the bright colours in fruits and vegetables can be causing your teeth to discolour so wash water around your mouth afterwards or brush your teeth straight away.

5. Sweets
Sweets are full of vibrant dyes and juices to give them their irresistible colour, so if it stains your tongue it will probably stain your teeth. 



Potassium is a super important nutrient for muscle strength, a healthy heart and a good nervous system.

And if you don’t get enough – 3,5000 mg a day – it could lead to tiredness, muscle cramps, heart palpitations and dizzy spells. Yikes!

Bananas are packed with potassium, with around 430 mg in each medium-sized serving.

But going bananas is certainly not the only way to load up on potassium, and in fact, there are plenty of foods that are even more packed with the nutrient.

Here are 10 common foods with more potassium than a banana.

1. Potato (1,081 mg)
2. Sweet potato (896 mg)
3. Spinach (839 mg)
4. Baked beans (752 mg)
5. Raisins (544 mg)
6. Avocados (540 mg)
7. Yoghurt, low-fat (531 mg)
8. Orange juice (496 mg)
9. Melon (494 mg)
10. Tuna (484 mg)


The pubs may be closed tonight, but that probably won’t stop you stocking up on the vino and making the most of the long weekend.

If you’re feeling a bit peaky over the weekend, step away from the fry-up and try these healthy hangover cures instead.

1. Eggs
Besides being an easily digested food that’s gentle on your stomach, eggs are packed with protein. Plus thanks to their large amounts of cysteine, eggs help mop up alcohol’s leftover toxins.

2. Coconut water
Lots of people swear by this stuff to cure a hangover, and for good reason. It’s really hydrating, and one carton typically packs more potassium than a banana—which is the key nutrient for feeling better fast.

3. Bananas
One fruit that works its magic on a hangover is the humble banana—especially if you’ve (yikes!) thrown up. It’s the obvious choice to get potassium into your system fast, plus bananas are gentle on the stomach. They’ll provide necessarily electrolytes lost during heaving drinking,

4. Green tea
Green tea is packed with antioxidants, which keep your body’s cells and organs healthy. This means a healthier liver, which will help you recover faster. If you’re feeling sick, add rosemary or lavender to your tea – they’ll calm your stomach fast.

5. Miso soup
Have some miso soup with your eggs. Miso soup replaces a lot of things our bodies need to feel better: water, sodium. Because it’s a fermented food that contains healthy bacteria, miso can also help with digestion if last night’s kebab is playing havoc with your insides.


These foods have powerful antioxidant properties and can help prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

1. Berries
Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are rich in antioxidants and can help prevent cancer and heart disease.

2. Green tea
As well as promoting weight-loss, green tea can also prevent high cholesterol.

3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are known to be a powerful antioxidant food.

4. Cranberries
We all know the benefits of cranberries in clearing out our kidneys and keeping them healthy.

5. Garlic
Garlic has so many health properties it is a super food. It can reduce high blood pressure and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is also anti-fungal.