How to let him know you’re interested


Letting a guy know you’re into him isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but with the right tricks, you can let him know you want him without actually saying it out loud – God forbid it ever comes to that, right?

A trick that never fails is eye contact. Now, we’re not talking about a second-long glance at his general eye area – you’re going to need to make a bit of an effort. Just don’t give him crazy eyes.

If you’re both in a public place, make sure he sees you checking him out. When he catches you in the act, give him a flirtatious smile and then look away once he smiles back (if he does, you’ve got your foot in the door).

The next thing is to give him a few compliments – yes, men like compliments too. If you think he has a nice voice, tell him.

Body language is more important than you think and giving him the wrong signals might send him in the wrong direction. Rather than crossing your arms in an unapproachable manner, relax a little and let them rest at your sides. If you want to be a little daring, stand really close to him to as you speak!