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These days, primary and secondary schools text or email parents instead of sending out notes like the good 'ol days.

But, as we all know too well, sometimes technology seems like it's totally against us. And this primary school found out the hard way.

St Mary's PS casually sent out a text reminder about a church service, but the innocent text suddenly turned into something hilarious after one spelling mistake.

"Please join us for refreshments afterwards and if we can wash your dirty willies, please bring them along thank you."

We are LOLing so hard right now, guys.

Not seeing the mistake for a good six minutes, the texter eventually copped on and totally panicked.

"I am so sorry, it's WELLIES!!!! WELLINGTON BOOTS. Sincere apologies for any offence caused."

Posted to the Facebook page Oh my god what a complete Aisling, this just goes to show that technology can be very, very cruel. It's OK though, we all know it was an innocent mistake.


School was difficult at the best of times, but if you were on the nervous side as a youngster, those six hours in the classroom could feel like a living hell.

From awkward chats at the bosca bruscair to the horror of being asked to do a sum on the blackboard IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY, school was a minefield and everyone had gotten an instruction manual except you, right?

Here are 20 (yes, just 20) things that would bring any nervy kid out in a cold sweat during what are supposed to be the best days of our lives.

1. Being left in charge of a younger class when you can barely look after yourself.
“So much responsibility on my young shoulders.”

2. Not getting a 'cool' reference
“What? Shifting? Yeah, do it all the time. Did it at breakfast.”

3. Not being able to find something for the Nature Table when you're Nature Leader that week.
"That's it. I can't take this pressure ANY MORE."

4. Being put in goals against your will.
“James, you're a reasonable man. Don't do this to me.”

5. Forgetting about the Trocaire Box until the last minute.
"Mam? Dad? Empty your pockets."

6. Cutting a circle that doesn't look like everybody else's circle.
"OH. MY. GOD."

7. When everyone one else's mam opts for clear plastic on their textbooks but your mam bumps for brown paper.
“It's like shes TRYING to give me anxiety.”

8. Being sent on a message halfway across the school.
“I'll never make it back in one piece… and oh my God is that person looking at me?”

9. Being forced to “gratefully accept” the offerings of classmates when you forgot your lunch.
“Oh for the love of… Spam.”

10. Having to move colour groups and make new friends.
 “They don't know how I operate! They don't know my mode!”

11. Thinking you've left embarrassing notes in the library book you've ALREADY RETURNED.
 "I returned my diary too, didn't I?"

12. When a new person joins your class and gets friendly with everyone straight away.
“Who sent you?”

13. Thinking that someone thought you might have cheated.
“I wasn't looking! Oh God, I wasn't looking!”

14. Having to do anything more than a wee in the classroom toilet.
 "Just…..five …more…hours."

15. Not having your journal signed after a serious 'Take a walk to the principal's office'  warning.
 "It's like I ENJOY feeling like this."

16. Not hearing a particular word during Friday's spelling test.
“I know! I'll guess…. hmmm… A.N.X.I.E.T.Y”

17. When your parents helped you with your Maths homework, but THEY DIDN'T DO IT LIKE TEACHER.
 "But that's not how we did it when we were at school, pet."

18. Not being able to find a partner when your teachers says 'Pair-up'
 "I'm going to die alone."

19. Being asked to tell the class 'a little something' about yourself.
 "Oh God, what do you want from me?"

20. Having to play with someone from another class because the teacher made you.
"Maybe let's not talk to each other."




Princess Diana started her career off as a Montessori teacher, and since Prince George enrolled, schooling trends have inadvertently changed for the better.

The interest in Montessori nurseries has soared because of what people are calling, The Prince George Effect. More and more parents are now keen on putting their children to the same education as the future king, the Mirror reports.

The Maria Montessori Institute in London, which runs a Montessori teacher training centre as well as a number of Montessori schools, reveal that they have been bombarded with parents wanting their children to go to a Montessori nursery since it was Kate Middleton's choice of education.

Prince George first started off with a few hours session, and now is enrolled to attend the school for three to four days a week.

Louise Livingston, director of training at the Institute said, "When it was announced, our phones were ringing off the hook with people asking whether we had space in our nurseries. We're still getting lots of calls from parents. Hopefully Charlotte will go there too."

All we're wondering now is what other trends George will spark as he grows older.


Today we heard that Politics and Society will be introduced to the Leaving Cert syllabus next year.

The subject will taught at 25 schools around the country from September 2016, according to The Irish Times. Students will be learning about power and decision making on a local and global scale. 

Interesting? Possibly. However, this news gave us serious flashbacks to the night before the dreaded exams and the pressure of trying to remember all of the exact details involving in ox bow lake formation.

Then we realised that there are some subjects that maybe should have been included in the syllabus long ago. 

1. How on earth you should tackle doing 'the big shop': 

The aisles are packed with tasty snacks! What's the difference between shallots and red onions? Where do we find the good quality beef? People have questions.

2. How to survive your first real job: 

Are casual Fridays an urban legend or no?

3. How to handle a break-up like a damn adult: 

A practical exam that tests your ability to not send a regrettable text at 4 in the morning. 

4. The fine art of entertaining: 

House parties are fantastic. However, sometimes people actually expect a sit-down meal, at a real table, madness. 

5. How to find a place to live: 

College accommodation won't be there forever, and Sex And The City gave us unrealistic expectations about city living.

6. How to adopt a somewhat healthy lifestyle: 

Red Bull and Pot Noodles will only get us so far. 

7. Time Management: 

Falling asleep at your desk is very much frowned up in the land of the adults. So it would be best to know when it is not a good time to stay up until the crack of dawn watching Netflix.

How to be responsible on social media: 

For that moment when you're 57 weeks into your ex-boyfriend's brother's housemate's cousin's BFFs Instagram account. Oops.




Lunchtime was always a chore back in primary school, but if our dad had out this much effort into making our ham-and-cheese sangers looking pretty, we wouldn't have minded eating them so much.

Father-of-three Beau Coffron runs a website called Lunchbox Dad on which he posts pictures of the amazing creations he makes each morning for his kids to bring to school. 

If you're interesting in making your own, Beau offers step-by-step guides for each creation – very sound indeed. 

Beau has gained some serious popularity for his posts and has even featured on television several times as well as a host of other websites. 

He takes inspiration from his kids' favourite TV shows and movies and the results are amazing. 

This Minion lunch is probably one of our favourites… what a great way to get kids eating fruit:


A lot of his creations are Disney inspired, including this deadly Frozen lunch…


Beau also includes his own interests too, like this Star Wars inspired grub:


And HOW CUTE is this Finding Nemo lunch box? We actually can't deal…

We'll definitely be trying out a few of these!



The hashtag #IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe is trending on Twitter, and we can relate extremely well to some of the posts. 

From being asked to answer a question even when your hand wasn't up to learning to text while still looking at the teacher , people are pointing out some seriously accurate descriptions of what you really learn from school. 

If anything school taught me:

"How to forge my parents signature"

"Nothing about how to do my taxes"

"If you ask a teacher enough questions about their personal life, you won't have to do anything"

"How to draw this"

"How to write an essay that is supposed to take 2 weeks to write the night before it's due"

"Half the classes we take we will never use in the real life world.."

"Me: Can I go to the bathroom?
 Teacher: Idk can you?
 Me: May I?
 Teacher: No. "

"Teachers will only ask for homework the days you didn't do it"



The dreaded Leaving Cert kicked off yesterday, with thousands of Irish students sweating as they sat down to that pink exam paper for the first time.

There's nothing quite like the sheer hell and stress of facing a week or more of state exams, and while it definitely won't be the best time of your life, we guarantee you will never forget it. Ever.

Here are a few feelings every LC student is bound to experience over the next while…

1. Smugness at home because you're mam's favourite this week
"Is there anything else you need, love?" Ah, music to your ears.


2. Ice cold fear that you'll forget everything you know as soon as you open the paper
So many formulas. So many diagrams. So many quotes. One tiny brain.


3. Hope that the stuff you have learnt will actually come up, for God's sake
John Montague, you beaut.


4. A mix of revulsion and awe when the person next to you asks for more pages
Have they really used them all already? Show off. *cries*


5. Suspicion when someone leaves the exam early
Are they really quick or did they just not know anything? 


6. Sheer terror when you hear the "beeeep" at the start of the Irish Aural
No one can save us now.


7. The stress of people analysing every question after the exam
They already KNOW they got the right answer or they wouldn't be asking. 


8. Feeling like a total badass when you manage to cram your learned-by-heart script into one of the essay questions
Take that, Irish language.




There was a tense scene in Jervis St. in Dublin this morning after a schoolgirl got caught between the Luas and the pavement. 

Passers-by helped to move the Luas off the girl, though it is not clear if they managed to or if help later came. 

The schoolgirl was then brought to the Mater Hospital where she is thought to have minor injuries. 

The incredible footage shows how many commuters tried to help move the tram to free the girl, and thankfully all ended well. 

It wasn't too long ago something similar happened in Australia!



Wednesdays are officially the worst. Yes, even worse than Monday – who thought it possible. You are smack bang in the  middle of a work-week and it's dragging so bad. Here are some ways to make your hump day a little easier. 

1. Whip Up A Great Breakfast

You're not as tired as you would be on a Monday so get up a little earlier and make yourself a tasty breakfast. 

2. Dress To Impress

I know on a Monday morning the last thing most people feel like is doing a wardrobe edit and slipping in to something glitzy (ok maybe not glitzy), but honestly, start out the day by putting a little effort into your Hump Day look and you’ll feel so much better for it. Come 3pm you’re likely to be thanking yourself for not throwing on that hole ridden jumper.

3. Pump Out The Tunes

Stick in the headphones and bop along (subtly) to some happy songs. There’s nothing better than a little light, uplifting, musical entertainment, to distract you from your miserable self.

4. YouTube Animal Videos

The surefire way to happiness is half an hour spent watching the best the animal world has to offer. Whether it’s a dog passing out from happiness, a cat playing a keyboard or a pug coming down the stairs, you’re guaranteed a giggle or six.

5. Drink Caffeine By The Bucket-load

Mmm…coffee. Your too dehydrated on a Monday, so a Wednesday is perfect!

6. Go For A Creep

What better way to push through those midday meltdowns, than to distract your mind by gazing upon some luscious eye candy. Skip out for a quick breath of ‘fresh air’ and stroll near some office buildings to glance upon some babes in formal wear and shiny shoes. Failing that, ladies see above. (You’re pretty welcome).

7. Eat A Whopper Lunch

Feck the salad. It’s a Wednesday and we’re miserable. Get that gourmet (read: fattening) sandwich and enjoy every little bite. If you can eat it in a park where there will be pretty people to look at (see point 6), then even better.

8. Plan An Adventure

The mere thoughts of a great trip away, a day out or even a date with that weirdo off Tinder can all distract your mind from the most mundane of Hump Days. Never mind that report, hop onto Ryanair and see how far you could fly for €30. Bratislava anyone?

9. Rock Your Onesie

After a long (loooonnnngggg) day at work, you’ve survived and are now at home, collapsed on the bed. Congratulations, the most difficult portion of the week is over. The next step to joy? Shimmy out of your smart day clothes and straight into whatever killer onesie you own. Unless it’s dinosaur, unicorn or bird themed, then it’s far too serious and you’ll never be cheery.

10. (Pretend To) Be Loved Up

When all you want to do is smack the bus wanker in front of you who insists on shouting down the phone at his dentist, just dream of getting a nice hug/ spoon/ being told how loved you are, while wearing your afore-mentioned onesie. Or, join the more depressed portion of the population and watch rom coms with your cat and a large box of Quality Street. At least the cat can’t dump you.

11. Have An Early Night With Some Mushy Television

This is the final, yet vital step in ensuring that you squeeze the very best out of a rotten Wednesday. Filled with delicious food, fleeting glances of street babes and feeling really loved and looking totally sexy, take your laptop to bed and watch as much crappy, mindless television as your brain will allow. Then drift off towards that Friday and don’t forget to thank us in your dreams.

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We all remember that fateful day we got the dreaded Leaving Cert results. The tension, the panic, the relief (hopefully). Here are some memories we all have that day, and some words of wisdom for those getting results today:

1. 'Did you hear there’s gonna be news cameras at the school?!’
There might be a couple of journalists trying to get a few snaps of people hugging and crying. Tell them you got 90 points but you’re hoping for second round medicine.



2. ‘So … were you happy with your results?"
This is the polite way of saying ‘What did you get?’ Eh…feck off?




3. ‘Did you hear Sarah’s parents aren’t letting her go out cuz she was 10 points off medicine?’
Rumours will be rampant. Leave people and their points alone.




4. ‘The institute is actually gonna be graaand next year, loads of people I know are repeating’
Whatever happens, there will be literally hundreds of people who are in the same boat as you. It’s never as bad as it might first appear.



5. ‘Ok no,no, no, Aoife lost her ticket for tonight, will I get my Mum to call yer man?’
Aoife, don’t worry. You will get in.




6. ‘Ok, Mark left his ID on the bus so we have to do a passback’
Or you could get your Mum to bring you up to the bouncer? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.



7. ‘Here, Katie’s not gonna get past the bouncers in that state and to be honest, I’m not waiting outside for her. It’s my results night too.’
Ah, the loyalty test. If someone hasn’t taken the advice of #5, older siblings are always a good shout to call. Until you get through to someone though, don’t leave anyone alone.


8. ‘Luke spilt Jager on my dress, I’ve been planning this for months, what the HELL!’
Calm yourself. Soda water.




9. ‘Oh my God this is like the last time we’ll ever be out together’
No it is simply not. It’s Ireland. You will literally see these people all the time.




10. ‘FIGHT!’
Keep clear of any fight and try and stay out of them. Inevitable on a night filled with so much emotion but leave it to the bouncers.


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People can get a little high and mighty when it comes to Arts degrees. But those who have done one, we know why we did them – because they're awesome! So stay strong. And to the rest of you – here's some things you shouldn't say to someone pursuing an Arts degree. 

1. So What Was Your First Choice?


Um, this? 

2. Oh, You Want To Be A Teacher?

batman bad idea

No, one thousand times, no.

3. A Lecturer, Then?

nicole sherzinger no baby no

Once again, no. 

4. That’s Quite Broad, Isn’t It?

demi lovato um n

Nope, not really. Not when you choose your subjects. We don’t actually do a little bit of everything, you know?

6. Are Your Parents Okay With It?

modern family phil

Actually, um, no…

7. What Do You Hope To Get From It?

disbelief supernatural

An education, hopefully. Even better if there’s a job at the end of it.

8. Why’d You Decide To Do That?

sherlock eyeroll

Because it's interesting? 

8. Can You Get A Job From It?

bernard black books not impressed

What do you think? 

9. You Could Have Done Nursing/Engineering

parks and rec ron swanson


10. Can I Have Some Fries With That?

judge judy hahaha sit down

Wow, never heard the McDonald's’ joke before. Did you learn that while doing your superior degree?

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It’s not just Hogwart’s that gives you a pang of jealousy when you remember your own secondary school, but many others too! Though mostly Hogwart’s…

Here are some other fictional schools we would love to have gone to!

1. St. Trinian’s


This is the ultimate school for bad girls; whether you watched one of the original five, the two reboots or read the original books, you’d know that this isn’t the usual English boarding school. The girls smoked, drank and gambled, while the principal bitched at them. Yeah, sounds about right!

2. Sunnydale High School


Sure, the place was rife with vampires and other demonic hellspawn, but Buffy was there and you could watch her kick ass like nobody’s business. You could go to school with Willow and Xander, and maybe just join their clique. Plus, Giles was just the best mentor ever.

3. Bayside High School

Saved By The Bell was a staple of nineties’ teen comedies, and why did you want to go there? Depending on your sexual preference, it was Zach Morris or Kelly Kapowski. Swoon. But now Screech is creepy as hell and the original series has been off the air for 21 years.

4. Rydell High

grease electrifying

With fabulous hair, spontaneous outbursts of song and enviable wardrobe choices, Grease made us want to have sex on a beach, without us really knowing what it meant. Sure, it didn’t harm us, did it? Did it?

5. Horace Green Prep School

Sure, the actual school from School of Rock had pretension down to a fine art but, as usual, Jack Black came to save the day with his usual brand of rock-based shenanigans. In his class, everyone had a place and they were all great in their roles. Inclusiveness ftw.

6. Shermer High School


The Breakfast Club was the quintessential high school movie of the eighties and is still considered one of the best.

7. North Shore High School

Mean Girls Cake of Rainbows 2

Oh, Mean Girls. The film that spawned a million memes, and saw Lindsay Lohan in her last big role, is still as popular as ever. In this school, Tina Fey would be your teacher, you’d get involved in huge physical fights with the others in your class, and you’d realise that butter is a carb. What’s not to love? So fetch.

8. William McKinley High

There have been a few fictitious high schools of this particular name, but if you are at all adept with Netflix, you have checked out the glory of Freaks and Geeks. It pretty much kick-started the careers of many of today’s comedic talents, including Jason Segel and Seth Rogen, and it’s still probably the best work most of them have produced. So, big question, are you a freak or a geek?

9. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

30 rock x men

Okay, really, who didn’t want to be a part of the X-Men, to be nurtured by Professor X and remain on the side of good; depending, of course, on your own personal affiliations? Sure, if you’re going to be a weirdo, you may as well get a power out of it, right?

10. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry Potter Hogwarts Home

The be all and end all of fictional schools, it’s on perhaps every list of fictional schools we want(-ed) to attend, even if you don’t like Harry Potter. The nerdier among you may even know the house into which you would be sorted. Potions class would’ve been a hell of a lot more fun than Chemistry or whatever else they tried to throw at us.

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