Lunchtime was always a chore back in primary school, but if our dad had out this much effort into making our ham-and-cheese sangers looking pretty, we wouldn't have minded eating them so much.

Father-of-three Beau Coffron runs a website called Lunchbox Dad on which he posts pictures of the amazing creations he makes each morning for his kids to bring to school. 

If you're interesting in making your own, Beau offers step-by-step guides for each creation – very sound indeed. 

Beau has gained some serious popularity for his posts and has even featured on television several times as well as a host of other websites. 

He takes inspiration from his kids' favourite TV shows and movies and the results are amazing. 

This Minion lunch is probably one of our favourites… what a great way to get kids eating fruit:


A lot of his creations are Disney inspired, including this deadly Frozen lunch…


Beau also includes his own interests too, like this Star Wars inspired grub:


And HOW CUTE is this Finding Nemo lunch box? We actually can't deal…

We'll definitely be trying out a few of these!