10 things you should never say to an Arts students


People can get a little high and mighty when it comes to Arts degrees. But those who have done one, we know why we did them – because they're awesome! So stay strong. And to the rest of you – here's some things you shouldn't say to someone pursuing an Arts degree. 

1. So What Was Your First Choice?


Um, this? 

2. Oh, You Want To Be A Teacher?

batman bad idea

No, one thousand times, no.

3. A Lecturer, Then?

nicole sherzinger no baby no

Once again, no. 

4. That’s Quite Broad, Isn’t It?

demi lovato um n

Nope, not really. Not when you choose your subjects. We don’t actually do a little bit of everything, you know?

6. Are Your Parents Okay With It?

modern family phil

Actually, um, no…

7. What Do You Hope To Get From It?

disbelief supernatural

An education, hopefully. Even better if there’s a job at the end of it.

8. Why’d You Decide To Do That?

sherlock eyeroll

Because it's interesting? 

8. Can You Get A Job From It?

bernard black books not impressed

What do you think? 

9. You Could Have Done Nursing/Engineering

parks and rec ron swanson


10. Can I Have Some Fries With That?

judge judy hahaha sit down

Wow, never heard the McDonald's’ joke before. Did you learn that while doing your superior degree?

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