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Listen up! 

Festival season is just around the corner, and if the stellar list of line-up announcements weren't enough whet your appetite, perhaps a pair of glitter clad light-up wellies will get you in the mood. 

When it comes to festival style, the more outrageous, the better, and we reckon you'd be hard pushed to find a more appropriate item of clothing. 

Available on ASOS, the full-length boots come in bright sparkling silver, lighting up in purple and blue when pressure is applied to the sole.

Practical, yet perfectly on trend, you'll be the talk of the campsite as you stomp around in these bad boys. 

Plus, the flashing lights will make it easier for you're friends to find you when you inevitably get lost in the see of green and blue nylon. 

You can pick up your very own pair for just €23.65 on asos.com – but be quick! These larger than life festival essentials are sure to sell out before summer rolls around. 



These days, primary and secondary schools text or email parents instead of sending out notes like the good 'ol days.

But, as we all know too well, sometimes technology seems like it's totally against us. And this primary school found out the hard way.

St Mary's PS casually sent out a text reminder about a church service, but the innocent text suddenly turned into something hilarious after one spelling mistake.

"Please join us for refreshments afterwards and if we can wash your dirty willies, please bring them along thank you."

We are LOLing so hard right now, guys.

Not seeing the mistake for a good six minutes, the texter eventually copped on and totally panicked.

"I am so sorry, it's WELLIES!!!! WELLINGTON BOOTS. Sincere apologies for any offence caused."

Posted to the Facebook page Oh my god what a complete Aisling, this just goes to show that technology can be very, very cruel. It's OK though, we all know it was an innocent mistake.



With Longitude just around the corner, it’s time for us to start getting festival ready. While there’s nothing wrong with being prepared with some fancy wellies, it can be still fun to glam it up when it comes to our favourite festivals. Here’s a list of some fashionable footwear that you just might just get away with wearing at this year’s summer festivals:

Biker Boots

Practical and stylish, the biker boots are must have for this festival season.  Some are on the pricey side but fortunately there are some affordable pairs at our local high-street shops.



Depending on how muddy the festival grounds really are, runners are the perfect festival footwear for keeping comfy and stylish while standing for hours on end.

Tall boots


Verging on wellies but not quite. Tall boots are not only perfect for the muddy festival grounds but stylish too.



If you’re lucky and we mean really lucky, jellies are the essential fun footwear for this year’s festivals. This of course depends on the weather because no matter how colourful those jellies are they won’t feel nice when saturated with mud.