11 ways to make Hump Day less terrible


Wednesdays are officially the worst. Yes, even worse than Monday – who thought it possible. You are smack bang in the  middle of a work-week and it's dragging so bad. Here are some ways to make your hump day a little easier. 

1. Whip Up A Great Breakfast

You're not as tired as you would be on a Monday so get up a little earlier and make yourself a tasty breakfast. 

2. Dress To Impress

I know on a Monday morning the last thing most people feel like is doing a wardrobe edit and slipping in to something glitzy (ok maybe not glitzy), but honestly, start out the day by putting a little effort into your Hump Day look and you’ll feel so much better for it. Come 3pm you’re likely to be thanking yourself for not throwing on that hole ridden jumper.

3. Pump Out The Tunes

Stick in the headphones and bop along (subtly) to some happy songs. There’s nothing better than a little light, uplifting, musical entertainment, to distract you from your miserable self.

4. YouTube Animal Videos

The surefire way to happiness is half an hour spent watching the best the animal world has to offer. Whether it’s a dog passing out from happiness, a cat playing a keyboard or a pug coming down the stairs, you’re guaranteed a giggle or six.

5. Drink Caffeine By The Bucket-load

Mmm…coffee. Your too dehydrated on a Monday, so a Wednesday is perfect!

6. Go For A Creep

What better way to push through those midday meltdowns, than to distract your mind by gazing upon some luscious eye candy. Skip out for a quick breath of ‘fresh air’ and stroll near some office buildings to glance upon some babes in formal wear and shiny shoes. Failing that, ladies see above. (You’re pretty welcome).

7. Eat A Whopper Lunch

Feck the salad. It’s a Wednesday and we’re miserable. Get that gourmet (read: fattening) sandwich and enjoy every little bite. If you can eat it in a park where there will be pretty people to look at (see point 6), then even better.

8. Plan An Adventure

The mere thoughts of a great trip away, a day out or even a date with that weirdo off Tinder can all distract your mind from the most mundane of Hump Days. Never mind that report, hop onto Ryanair and see how far you could fly for €30. Bratislava anyone?

9. Rock Your Onesie

After a long (loooonnnngggg) day at work, you’ve survived and are now at home, collapsed on the bed. Congratulations, the most difficult portion of the week is over. The next step to joy? Shimmy out of your smart day clothes and straight into whatever killer onesie you own. Unless it’s dinosaur, unicorn or bird themed, then it’s far too serious and you’ll never be cheery.

10. (Pretend To) Be Loved Up

When all you want to do is smack the bus wanker in front of you who insists on shouting down the phone at his dentist, just dream of getting a nice hug/ spoon/ being told how loved you are, while wearing your afore-mentioned onesie. Or, join the more depressed portion of the population and watch rom coms with your cat and a large box of Quality Street. At least the cat can’t dump you.

11. Have An Early Night With Some Mushy Television

This is the final, yet vital step in ensuring that you squeeze the very best out of a rotten Wednesday. Filled with delicious food, fleeting glances of street babes and feeling really loved and looking totally sexy, take your laptop to bed and watch as much crappy, mindless television as your brain will allow. Then drift off towards that Friday and don’t forget to thank us in your dreams.

via our content partner CT