Is it time to go for the chop? This trick can tell if you can pull it off

It's the age old question. 

Every woman has wondered this every once in a while – but many are too afraid to take the plunge.

Whether it was Posh Spice circa 2008 or Jennifer Lawrence circa 2013, celebs seems to pull off short hair so effortlessly – but then again, they have stylists doing their do' every morning. 

Cosmopolitan UK reports that Giles Robinson, senior stylist at John Frieda has come up with a special formula that can determine if a short pixie cut will flatter your face shape. 

All you have to do is place a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally, then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Next, measure the height of where the pencil and the ruler intersect. 

If it measures less than 2.25 inches, go for it girl! 

If it's longer than 2.25 inches, long hair might flatter your face shape more. 

As always though, (like all beauty rules) there are exceptions and in the end you should wear whatever hairstyle makes you feel like Beyoncé. 

But for anyone that has been debating this question for a while, this could be your extra push to go for it – it'll always grow back!