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A 27-year-old model has claimed she was fired from a job with Hyundai for being on her period.

Last month, Rachel Rickert was working at the New York International Auto Show, greeting guest at the Hyundai stand when she was told she was not allowed to take a toilet break for three hours.

Now, we all know the struggle of not having access to a bathroom during that time of the month, but actually being told you can not go is the stuff of nightmares.

As a result of this odd rule, Rachel wasn't able to remove her tampon and so she bled through her clothes – a black dress and back tights.

She told her talent rep, Erika Seifred, that she would need a fresh set of clothes and time to clean up, but according to her US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint, Hyundai suggested the model go home because of her ''period situation''.

Rachel protested as she was being paid by the hour and wanted to earn her full amount, but was told she would not be able to carry on working.

Two days later, the talent rep called Rachel to inform her that she would not be returning to her role.

According to the EEOC complaint, ''Hyundai heard about Ms. Rickert having her menstrual cycle and they didn't want Ms. Rickert representing the company anymore.” 

Speaking to the New York Post, the model admitted it was a huge shock.

“She called me and pretty much told me that Hyundai didn't want me representing them anymore at the show because they got word of my menstrual cycle,”

“You’re not a robot. You have to use the bathroom especially when you’re on your period. They just act like we’re not human. I’m not going to be ashamed or shamed of having my period,” she said.

Rachel claims she has not been paid at all for the work that she did and is outraged at how the company handled the situation.

“I’m not going to let someone tell me I can’t have my period when I work. It’s unacceptable.”

Hear, hear!  


Hey guess what? 

Periods are a thing. They arrive every month (or three weeks. or sporadically, or whenever the hell they decide to arrive), but despite their frequency and necessity, we can still be pretty squeamish about them. 

Especially when it comes to sex, according to a new study. 

A study from Flex found that women are twice as likely as men to turn down sex with a new partner thanks to a period.

89 per cent of people cite the mess and potential clean up as a reason to avoid the act, which is understandable, who wants to ruin yet another bed sheet with a blood stain?

However for the 30 per cent of men and women who want more period sex at all stages of the cycle, we say just put a towel down. 

55 per cent of people polled think that period sex is fine and natural, while 45 per cent think that it's gross, so this is a pretty divisive issue.

From the mess to feeling bloated and just generally not being in the mood, period sex can seem like a bit of an ordeal to some people.

However, some women claim to feel more sexually aroused while on their period than usual. 

In fact, 20 per cent of women in the survey said they were extra horny at that time of the month. 

Flex (which is a tampon women can wear during sex) founder Erika Jensen encourages sexual partners to try sex on your cycle if it's something you want to do.

'If there is something you’ve never done because you’re scared or embarrassed or (worst of all) set in your ways just because, I urge you to do it,' she said.

'Or talk to someone who has done it. Explore a new perspective.'

70 per cent of people have a conversation about being on their period before the sex occurs, just to be sure that their potential partner is aware that the menses have arrived as a common courtesy. 

However, 45 per cent of women have had a partner turn them down for sex because they were on their period.

It's probably time that period sex was normalised, after all, it's an extra week in the month of potential sexy time we could all be having, but squeamishness is holding us all back. 



When it comes to the red carpet, there's no doubt that Amy Schumer sees it as the perfect platform to showcase her offbeat humour.

Using it as an extension of her TV and film sets, the actress is much more content to crack a few gags and fall at the feet of Kim and Kanye than chat about her gown with the rest of them.

And this year's Emmys was no different.

While being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic alongside her sister Kim, the Trainwreck actress responded to the classic 'Who are you wearing?' question with something that could ONLY have come out of Amy Schumer's mouth.

Ladies, behold.




Aged 11, 12, or 13 – most young women tend to get their first period around the same time. 

Sure, some are earlier and some are later, but overall, many of us kick-off proceedings within the same few years.

So suffice to say, (especially a decade-plus after the fact) we've never given that number all that much thought.

Until now, that is.

That's because, a recent study has identified a link between the age of your first period… and how long you're going to live. 

In short, the later your period started – the more life you have left in you.

Yup, beginning after the age of 12 (as well as experiencing menopause after age 50) suggests you are in good overall health.

Indeed, this small fact could help you live happily and healthily into your 90s.

According to the 21-year study of 16,000 women from the University Of California in San Diego, women who start and end their periods later in life have a better chance of hitting age 90. 

"Our team found that women who started menstruation at a later age were less likely to have certain health issues, like coronary heart disease, and those who experienced menopause later in life were more likely to be in excellent health overall, which may be a possible explanation for our findings," said Dr Aladdin Shadyab from the Department of Family Medicine And Public Health at the university's School Of Medicine.

So while may have felt desperately uncool at the time – it seems that getting period later could well be a pretty good thing after all!


No matter how many times you've rode the crimson wave (Thanks Cher), there are still times when you feel like you'll NEVER get the hang of that monthly occurrence, right?

The anxiety of leaking on our favourite jeans or staining our mother's perfect couch can be too much every four weeks (hands up who wears black jeans everyday of their period). And then there's the infection stories we're hearing so much of lately. Scary.

It's safe to say, that as well as feeling tired, sluggish and bloated, we also have little mini heart attacks every couple of hours which sees us dashing for the loo.

Well, that's where this new app comes in – My.Flow. 

According to Refinery29, My.Flow acts as a tampon tracker which can tell you when it's nearly at full capacity. 

The start-up company has created a tampon which has an extra long string at the end that connects to a bluetooth monitor which you can clip onto your trousers.

"Women need this, because we can't check how full our tampons are, so we're on the side of taking them out prematurely — which is not only wasteful, but also quite physically uncomfortable," Amanda Brief, co-founder and CEO of the start-up, told Refinery29

Amanda believes that the new app tracker will help women feel more in tune with their bodies, just like fitness trackers and heart monitors.

"Some women know their flow well, which is awesome," Amanda said. "Our product is for those that do not, or would like to learn and track more."

Our only concern so far is what if the string/bluetooth tracker is pulled, or if you twist around in a weird way and pop! It comes out. Eugh.

The device is due out next year, so they might tweak that a little bit, but otherwise it seems like a handy little thing to have in your pocket. Leaks, be gone!


As wonderful as periods are for telling us were not pregnant, they can also be a bit of a nuisance.

Aching stomachs, bloating, and generally just feeling uncomfortable and sore is a small part of what women have to go through each month.

However, you will be super thankful you're not living in the 60s or 70s as sanitary belts were used back then, and let's just say they don't look pleasant.

 Watch these gals from Buzzfeed try to figure out the contraption… and ultimately give up.



We experience it every single month, and yet it never gets any easier. But a company in the UK has made that time of the month a little bit easier for its female employees.

Coexist is granting females workers time off for when they have their period and the cramps are really bad.

Bex Baxtor, a director at Coexist told The Bristol Post: "As a manager of staff I have seen women really suffer with their periods and I have found them doubled over in a lot of pain. 

"They feel guilty and ashamed for taking time off and often sit at their desks in silence not wanting to acknowledge it.

"It started from there and we thought we had to see what we could do about it and try and break the last great taboo. Nothing like this has been done in the UK before, we believe, and if it has, it has been very small."

Periods are a b***h, and we're totally behind this. It's said to be the first business giving this type of leave in the UK, but hopefully more and more will be open up to the idea of it.


There are lots of great things about being a woman, but getting our period every month is not one of them. Most definitely not.

The bloating, the grumpiness, it's all part and parcel of Mother Nature's monthly "gift". Here are 9 things guaranteed to happen like clockwork when you're on your period…

1. Those pesky cramps arrive in all their glory
Sometimes you can escape with no cramps at all, and other times it feels like your uterus is about to fall out. The joys.


2. You feel like you've suddenly gone up three dress sizes
So you have your period, meaning you're definitely NOT pregnant, and yet it's suddenly bloat-o-rama around the stomach area.


3. Everyone starts getting on your nerves. Everyone. All of the time.
"My god, do you have to BREATHE so loudly?"


4. Your boyfriend, brothers and male friends instinctively know to leave you alone


5. You crave all the food
"Pass me that jar of Nutella there, I'm finished the Ben & Jerry's."


6. Your chin becomes a beautifully abstract canvas of spots and pimples


7. You tell yourself you're totally entitled to forgo the gym for Netflix
So what if exercise is meant to help cramps? The Good Wife is just as beneficial.


8. Your handbag becomes a wasteland of tampons and tampon wrappers
And yet you can NEVER find one when you need one


9. You make the executive decision to watch Marley and Me to help the tears along
"I'll just cry uncontrollably for two hours and I'll be GRAND."



We all know what a trying time our monthly visitor can be. On top of the agonising, uncomfortable pain, there is never-ending cravings, *slight* mood swings and other unsavoury delights to deal with. 

This hilarious video shows what it would be like if our period was a person – and it’s just as annoying as you might expect! 


HelloFlo in an American organisation that helps to make that time of the month a little bit more manageable.

While not available outside of the US and Canada, HelloFlo is a subscription service that sends a cute package of tampons and other goodies out to you in your time of need.

We definitely need one of these in Ireland!

Now, the company are urging women to take photos of themselves with their tampons – in a bid to decrease stigma surrounding periods.

Founder of HelloFlo, Naama Bloom spoke of the importance of making tampons and pads a thing of everyday normality, rather than something to shove up our sleeve as we run to the bathroom: “While we don’t think that we’ll actually get women to start walking to the bathroom with their head held high and their tampon held higher, we do want to encourage women to think about why tampons, pads, menstrual cups, sponges etc are shrouded in secrecy. What if we just treated them as the tools they are?”

So… would you get snap happy with your tampon?!



Us ladies have it tough. Not only do we have to suffer from annoying periods once a month, but we also have to put up with the cramps, crankiness and cravings that come with them. Boo.

Some would debate that PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is not a true condition, but we beg to differ. Any woman who’s every unexpectedly started crying during an episode of Friends while nursing a tub of Ben & Jerry’s will know that PMS is very, very real.

Here are ten thoughts you’ve no doubt had before or during your time of the month…

1. “I need all the chocolate. All.”
Some days you don’t give that Dairy Milk in the fridge a second thought, other days you’d happily scoff down two bars in a row and still want more. And it’s not just chocolate. Any food in your eye line can and will be eaten.

2. “Surely I’m not the only one crying during the X Factor results show?”
Chloe Jasmine didn’t deserve to lose that sing-off. She’s so LOVELY. *sobs*

3. “God, the Six One News is just really sad tonight…”
Why do bad things happen to good people?

4. “Ow. Bloated.”
The only thing that can help this is a hot water bottle and some duvet time. But of course that crampy, bloated feeling will usually start just as you’re getting dressed for Saturday night drinks. Thanks, Mother Nature. You’re a real dinger.

5. “So tiiiiiired.”
After all that eating and duvet time, the next natural step is to just close your eyes and have a little nap. C’mon, you’ve earned it.

6. “Christ, everyone is so annoying today.”
You never noticed before just how many questions your parents ask. And must everyone be so LOUD?

7. “Or is it me? Am I the annoying one?”
Those fickle hormones. You can never tell if it’s real PMS or if you’re just in one heck of a bad mood. Hopefully it’s the former.

8. “I really want to have sex.”
Why is it that the second our period arrives, we’re dying for some great sex? Just another one of nature’s “quirks.” So unfair!

9. “Oh, a breakout. Great.”
Whether you suffer from bad skin regularly or just around your time of the month, hormonal breakouts are just the worst. Resist the temptation to squeeze!

10. “I’m just so full of emotion right now.”
Who knew Jack Johnson’s music made you so nostalgic? Nothing for it but to weep quietly until the song is over. 


We get it, periods can be a touchy subject for some young girls, and this new advert from feminine care company HelloFlo hilariously depicts one girl’s attempt at fooling her friends. Check out the video above, and you’ll be wishing you could have your own First Moon Party in no time!