9 things that always happen when you’re on your period

There are lots of great things about being a woman, but getting our period every month is not one of them. Most definitely not.

The bloating, the grumpiness, it's all part and parcel of Mother Nature's monthly "gift". Here are 9 things guaranteed to happen like clockwork when you're on your period…

1. Those pesky cramps arrive in all their glory
Sometimes you can escape with no cramps at all, and other times it feels like your uterus is about to fall out. The joys.


2. You feel like you've suddenly gone up three dress sizes
So you have your period, meaning you're definitely NOT pregnant, and yet it's suddenly bloat-o-rama around the stomach area.


3. Everyone starts getting on your nerves. Everyone. All of the time.
"My god, do you have to BREATHE so loudly?"


4. Your boyfriend, brothers and male friends instinctively know to leave you alone


5. You crave all the food
"Pass me that jar of Nutella there, I'm finished the Ben & Jerry's."


6. Your chin becomes a beautifully abstract canvas of spots and pimples


7. You tell yourself you're totally entitled to forgo the gym for Netflix
So what if exercise is meant to help cramps? The Good Wife is just as beneficial.


8. Your handbag becomes a wasteland of tampons and tampon wrappers
And yet you can NEVER find one when you need one


9. You make the executive decision to watch Marley and Me to help the tears along
"I'll just cry uncontrollably for two hours and I'll be GRAND."