No matter how many times you've rode the crimson wave (Thanks Cher), there are still times when you feel like you'll NEVER get the hang of that monthly occurrence, right?

The anxiety of leaking on our favourite jeans or staining our mother's perfect couch can be too much every four weeks (hands up who wears black jeans everyday of their period). And then there's the infection stories we're hearing so much of lately. Scary.

It's safe to say, that as well as feeling tired, sluggish and bloated, we also have little mini heart attacks every couple of hours which sees us dashing for the loo.

Well, that's where this new app comes in – My.Flow. 

According to Refinery29, My.Flow acts as a tampon tracker which can tell you when it's nearly at full capacity. 

The start-up company has created a tampon which has an extra long string at the end that connects to a bluetooth monitor which you can clip onto your trousers.

"Women need this, because we can't check how full our tampons are, so we're on the side of taking them out prematurely — which is not only wasteful, but also quite physically uncomfortable," Amanda Brief, co-founder and CEO of the start-up, told Refinery29

Amanda believes that the new app tracker will help women feel more in tune with their bodies, just like fitness trackers and heart monitors.

"Some women know their flow well, which is awesome," Amanda said. "Our product is for those that do not, or would like to learn and track more."

Our only concern so far is what if the string/bluetooth tracker is pulled, or if you twist around in a weird way and pop! It comes out. Eugh.

The device is due out next year, so they might tweak that a little bit, but otherwise it seems like a handy little thing to have in your pocket. Leaks, be gone!