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Mariah Carey has been around for a long time; long enough for her kids to be singing her early noughties hits back to her as she wins an icon award.

Her twins, who she shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon, were in the audience cheering her on as she sang a medley of hits like Hero, A No No, Always Be My Baby and We Belong Together.

Eight-year-old Monroe and Morrocan were clearly beaming with pride as their 48-year-old mum took home the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards last night.


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The veteran singer received a toast worthy of a queen after Jennifer Hudson introduced the star onstage. Carey delivered a hilarious and emotional speech and didn't shy away from the bumps she's hit along the way'

“Icon? I really don’t think of myself in that way. I started making music out of a necessity- to survive and to express myself. I just wanted to create something so I could feel worthy of existing," she said.

"If I’ve learned anything, anything at all in this life, it’s that truly all things are possible with God."


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"Without getting into all the drama, all the ups and downs of my career- We’ve all seen them; we all make mistakes; there’s been a few memes- I guess I’ve always felt like an outsider: someone who doesn’t quite belong anywhere," she continued.

She referenced her loneliness in the industry;

"I still feel like that lost, interracial child who had a lot of nerve to believe I can succeed at anything at all in this world. But, and this is the truth, I did believe because I had to."

As usual, the iconic star delivered more meme material, throwing a tissue into the crowd before her speech began;

"The truth is: I’ve dedicated my life to my music, my saving grace and to my fans, who are unlike any other entity that I’ve ever known. They’ve lifted me out of the depths of hell and brought me out with their devotion and love."

She earnestly thanked her fans and supporters for helping her through the tough times;

"I want to thank all the people who’ve been with me on this journey through the highs and lows, through the struggles –through your struggles and mine."


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"To anybody who doesn’t allow themselves to be broken, and keeps getting up, and keeps holding on, and keeps standing tall, and keeps on believing, and keeps rising, I celebrate you tonight," she said, encouraging her followers to keep going.

"And to anyone who’s ever told me that a song I wrote helped save your life, I thank you because you saved mine, and I’ll be eternally grateful.”


Heroes don't always wear capes, you know.

Sometimes they wear umbrella hats, and still there's no denying them as one 16-year-old girl from the States recently reminded us.

After being asked by a male classmate to send him a photo of herself in the shower, Reece Hebert happily obliged, and a star was born.

Rocking a multicoloured umbrella hat, Reece hopped on in, snapped away, sent the pic and then shared the exchange on Twitter.

And unsurprisingly, the Twitosphere is having a field day.

"I laughed way too hard at this," wrote one while another added: "You're hilarious. I don't know you, but I like you,"

"Girl, you are awesome," commented another while someone else predicted: "This gonna blow up."

Reece, take a bow.




In unexpected hero-of-the-day news, Jeremy Clarkson appears to have saved four men in Majorca.

According to The Sun, the presenter diverted his yacht to save some tourists who had drifted out to sea on lilos.

The former Top Gear star saw the four men, two French and two German, struggling after "a brisk wind" swept them a mile away from the coastline.

When asked if the men recognised who he was, Jeremy said they started laughing when they realised his identity.

And after the rescue, Jeremy celebrated by going to the pub. 

In a series of tweets, the controversial celeb accounted what happened:




Just because it’s your wedding day, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed time off – at least that’s what Pennsylvanian nurse Julie Stroyne learned on her big day.

According to People, the 24-year-old trauma nurse was outside her reception venue just hours after walking down the aisle when she came across an unconscious woman.

Julie immediately leapt into action and began performing CPR on the woman – all the while wearing her wedding dress – until the paramedics arrived.

The bride told ABC: “To be honest I don’t remember running. I just threw my purse and my flowers and just went into action.”

“[Her pulse] got stronger as I kept feeling for it which was a good sign. Her respirations were very shallow but I think the action of me giving compressions kind of woke her up.”

“All I have to say is, thank goodness I had one champagne with the toast and that’s it.”

“I didn’t drink at all. Thank goodness I was able to help.”

Julie’s mother told People that she wasn't surprised by her daughter's actions and said "she picked the right calling".

The newlyweds are now holidaying in the UK before completing their honeymoon with a trip to Greece.

After all that, we think their break very well deserved.

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Christian Bale obviously took a liking to being a hero when he played Batman, because he’s back in a new film called Exodus: Gods and Kings and he’s playing Moses. Yes, Moses from the Bible.

Will he be victorious as he battles for his people’s survival? Who knows?!

Well, we all know really, but still, it looks like it’s going to quite the epic battle film! Watch the trailer below for a glimpse of what’s to come.



If the music business doesn’t work out for him, Liam Payne is considering a career as a David Beckham lookalike.

The One Direction star attended the launch party for Beck’s H&M swimwear collection last week and it was pointed out how much the pair look like each other!

Liam said, ”People have been saying that a lot recently. It’s probably the most flattering thing anybody can say.

”Becks is pretty much a legend and a hero of all of ours and I do really admire his style. I don’t think anyone can match him but I’ll take it.

”If it all packs in, at least I’ll have a job as a lookalike.”

However, the 20-year-old star is worried that his fans think he’s copying David’s style a little too much, as they both have matching quiff hairstyles, tattoos on their arms and a similar taste in clothes.

Liam said, ”The fans are always pointing it out on Twitter. I’m beginning to worry he’ll think I’m a stalker.

”They make out like if he buys a red jumper, the next day I’m out in a red jumper. I just think the man is a legend.”