Nick has found ‘the One’ while Mariah moves on with billionaire

We always enjoy when someone is able to poke fun at themselves just a touch.


Word! LOL Happy 4th Everybody!!!

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It’s nice to know then even the super famous are able to take joke like the rest of us. Nick Cannon, 34, obviously doesn’t want us to think he’s sitting around crying about his estranged wife Mariah Carey.

The America’s Got Talent host posted some funny memes on his Instagram account, apparently not wanting to seem bitter about spending the American holiday weekend alone.


I always wanted to find someone like me… I talk to myself… Make myself laugh… I enjoy myself!!! #ImDatingMe LOL

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The photo reads “I’ve been single for a while and I have to say it’s going very well.”

Another was an image of a couple in front of fireworks compared to a solo Kanye West drinking from a bottle. The memes are pretty familiar, but we can’t say we expected  Nick to be posting them while his former love is all over social media with her new BF.

Nick has always had a sense of humour though. He was a comedian for a while after all…


Except I got Vegetable juice in my bottle!

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Meanwhile, Mariah seems to thoroughly enjoying her new romance with billionaire boyfriend James Packer.

The couple have recently been spotted at some very lavish parties and looking positively smitten as they strolled hand-in-hand on the beach in Spain.

James, who is Australia’s fourth richest man, apparently, had invited the singer to sail around the Mediterranean along with Mariah and Nick’s four-year old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

So it seems Nick is getting used to his single status then. We’re just happy he’s found “the One” (himself) to keep him company.

The couple’s split is rumoured to have prompted Nick to write a tell-all book about their life together after Mariah reportedly refused to meet Nick’s demands of an almost €27 million divorce settlement.