The relationship between Mariah Carey and her billionaire boyf James Packer is certainly moving fast.

Indeed, significantly the couple will today jump on his personal jet, making a journey to Israel.

There, according to TMZ, they will attend together a private “pre-engagement spiritual seminar”.

The spiritual leader organising the event knows James well, and it is said that the businessman trusts him and his advice implicitly. In fact, the Australian father-of-three, who is worth around €5bn, feels the meeting is a must before he asks Mariah to marry him.

However, once today has concluded, it will be very much full steam ahead with a proposal: friends of James, 47, believe that the duo will be engaged – and possibly even married – before the year is out.

They recently enjoyed a sun-drenched holiday in Capri off the west coast of Italy – thus confirming publicly for the first time their union.

Both James and 46-year-old Mariah, a mother-of-two, have been married twice before.

Ms Carey, herself worth some €450m, split from her husband Nick Cannon 18months ago, but their divorce has still to be finalised.